XXL 2 - XXL 2 (cd2)

Länge: 4420 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1994
Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Techno
U-People- French Vibes
Jam & Spoon- Right in the night
Culture Beat- Got to get it
Dextro NRG- Morella
DJ Judge Dred- Ghost Train
Phrenetic System III- Dark Symphony
Lunatic Asylum- The Meltdown
Drax One- Transduction
DJ Skull- Stomping Grounds 2
Next- Out There
CPO Cyberlogica- Falling from a Churchtower
The Fog- Been a long time
Wax- Sundraems
Honey C- Stop the Disease
Nox Alba- Mambo White
The Birds- Rainforest
Herold Jones- Dark side of the moon
Yeomen- Jack of Clubs
Popcorn- Everybody lets dance