Xela - Listen With Xela

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Erscheinungsjahr: 2004
Genre: Misc
weitere Info: Electronic
edward artemiev / solaris part i (bach) (toei music)
carbon framework / krane (unreleased)
night of the living dead OST / driveway to the cemetary (varese saraband)
goblin / jane mirror theme (dagored)
goodiepal / flap nipper main (skipp)
midaircondo / serenade (type)
kenji kawai / the ring (pony canyon)
julee cruise / up in flames (warner bros.)
max richter / iconography (fatcat)
angelo badelamenti / generique : marcello (philips)
susanna and the magical orchestra / sweet devil (rune grammofon)
doris day / time to say goodnight
philip jeck / wholesome (touch)
akira rabelais / buciumeana (ritornell)
angelo badalamenti / mulholland drive (milan)
signer / night is blurred (involve/carpark)
julien neto / one (type)
svarte greiner / radar sound (unreleased)
fennesz / transit (with david sylvian) (touch)
carter burwell / fargo, north dakota (tvt)
susumu yokota / lapus lazuli (leaf)
john carpenter / dark star (varese)
porn sword tobacco / pinkys (city centre offices)
cocteau twins / otterley (4ad)
david lynch and peter ivers / in heaven (lady in the radiator song) (IRS)
goldmund / solaris part i. (bach) (unreleased)