Einträge in Folk, Buchstabe B Seite 11

Barrie`Davis-Coonawarra Has Three Shadows
BATZUK-Abril En Managua
Bob Dylan-If Not For You
Brunner & Brunnner-Schlagerparty mit Brunner & Brunner
Barabàn-Il Valzer dei Disertori
Beto Pereira-Minha Brasileira
Bj rn Rosenstr m-L tar som r s d r...
Burley Paul-Exit 208
Bagad Cap Caval-BrezhonegRaok
Belle & Sebastian-The Life Pursuit
Brier-The Best of Irish Ballads & Craic
Boney M-Love For Sale
Beto Tavares-Fogo
Brobdingnagian Bards-A Celtic Renaissance Wedding
Bob Snider-The Street Takes You In
Boston Dance Orchestra-Boston Dance Orchestra
Blech & Co.-Gut Drauf
Brendan Behan-Irish Folk Songs and Ballads
Billy Bragg-Take Down The Union Jack
Bod Dylan-The Best Of CD2
Betty Dylan-American Trash
Bally Prell-Isarmärchen
Bob Dylan-Dignity
Ben Zuur & Henk Puister-Op Aigen bandevout
Bart van den Bossche-Wakker
Boris Christoff-Russian Songs
Bob Dylan-Nows the Time for Your Tears
Butterworth & Gurney-Luxon & Willison- Songs
BCM Fest-Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Brother Noland & Tony Conjugacion-Ku2
beat buttons-red
Battlefield Band-New Spring
Belle and Sebastian-The Boy With the Arab Strap
Beggars Farm-Delusions of Grandad
Bob Dylan-Collection CD 1
BR Boys-good things
Brenda Wootton-Seagull
Bob Dylan - live-is this what you want?
Bizkaiko Dantzakl-Bizkaiko Dantzak
Bill Keale-Keeper of the Rain
Blackeyed Biddy-Peace, Enjoyment, Love & Pleasure
Bob Dylan-Bob Dylan/John Wesley Harding
Bottom Of The Hudson-The Omaha Record
Bläck Fööss-Was habst du in die Sack CD1
B.B. King-Lucille & Friends
Bob Hudson-Newcastle Song
Brother John-Sing For The Light
Blood or Whiskey-No Time To Explain
Bendeniz-Ask Yok Mu Ask
Buena Vista S.C.-History of Cubana
Bob Dylan-The Freewheelin Bob Dylan
Bogside Zukes-South Austrailia
Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band-RSCDS Book 1
B G McLean-Music For The Rich
Bernard Bolan-An Eclectic Collection
Boozoo Chavis-Nathan And The Zydeco Cha-Chas / Zydeco Live!
Bodixchel-Todo Cambia
Bob Dylan-A Legend In His Time - Disc 2
bernard carney-feathers and tributes
Bill Gaither-Bill Gaither
Byrds-Greatest Hits
Bob Dylan-A Birds Nest in Your Hair - Earls Court - London,
Broer en Zus Schinkel-De nacht vlood heen
Bright Eyes-A Christmas Ablum
Bobby Aiken-Piano in the Park
Berit Opheim-Fryd
Brian Gladstone-A Time For New Beginnings
Bob Dylan-Blonde On Blonde
Bittersweet Gospel Band-Through My Lords Eyes
Babaloo-Teenager Melodie
BoXX-Star Boxx
Berggren, Eyres & Duggan-Ten Miles To Saturday Night
Bernard Wright-Fresh Hymns, Vol. 2
Butterfly Band-You Might As Well Be Hung For A Sheep As A Lamb
Bendeniz-Bendeniz den
Bronn Journey-Joy
Brigids Cross-Family Tree
BUL i Nidaros-Livat i lag
Butch Hancock & Jimmie Dale Gilmore-Two Roads
Bulgara-Bears Wedding
Blyth Power-The Bricklayers Arms
Bubbi-Ný spor
Bendik Hofseth, Anne-Lise Berntsen, Helge Iberg-LUDO
Brent Mason-hitcher on the road
Bob Dylan-Portsmouth Vol 1
BartonSweeny-River Red
Blake, Norman and Nancy-While Passing Along This Way
Beltane-Fire Without Fire
Broadside Electric-Black-edged Visiting Card
Bojbriker Klezmorim-Bojbriker Klezmorim
Brett Fenex and friends-Brett Fenex
Börge Ring-På sitt eget vis
Buddy Red Bow-Journey to the Spirit World
Bobby Clancy-The Quiet Land
Bandas de música valencianas-Suena la Banda