Einträge in Folk, Buchstabe C Seite 63

Carlos Di Fulvio-20 Grandes Exitos
Carmen Serban-Casinouri si femei
Chaqueño Palavecino-Juan de la Calle
Choir of the Trinity - St Sergius Laura Sagorsk-The Russian Easter
Celtic Family-Celtic Moods - CD2
Celia Whitler-Faces of Our Friends
Christine Lavin-Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch
Colalaila-The Train To Massada
Cris Williamson & Tret Fure-Between the Covers
Cran-The Crooked Stair
Chris Keup-The Subject of Some Regret
Clancy Brothers-Greatest Hits
Cartoons-Greatest Hits
Chinese Han Music-Above the Clouds / Zheng Melodies
Ceia dos Monges-F.N.A.C. Fev. 99
Celtic Bagpipes-Music For Souls
Cachemire et Plaine du Ganges-India del Norte
Compay Segundo-Yo vengo aquí
Commissioned-Commissioned Reunion "Live" Disc 1
Chiara-Here I Am
Canciones Inolvidables-Celia Cruz Con La Sonora Mantancera
Cindy Kallet and friends-this way home
Captain Cook-... und seine singenden Saxophone CD2
Collection-Simply Worship 4 Disk 2
Clara Nunes-Para Sempre Clara
Carpenters-Carpenters Gold: Greatest Hits
Church Music Comitee of TPC-Hymn of New Centry
caprice-sister simplicity
Craig Houston-Sway
Cumbre Andina-Esperanzas
Celine Dion-Lets talk about Love
cielo y tierra-cielo y tierra
Calimeros-Ich vertraue Dir
Caddy Skiffle Group-Skiffle aus Hannover live!
Cornelis Vreeswijk-Cornelis Klassiker Vol. 1
Cathy Custy-An Cealtoir Fanach
Cindy Kallet-2
Cornelis Vreeswijk-Från getinghonung och narrgnistor II
Corny Held-Classics
Claudionor Germano-História do Carnaval
Cliff Barns and The Fear Of Winning-Godsatwork
Calasaig-Merchants City
Compilation-Planète Bretagne CD2
Christina Rosenvinge-Grandes Exitos (92-98) - Alguien Que Cuide De Mi
Chabuca Granda-La voz del Peru
Chrisye-Best Cinta
Chinese Instrumental Music-Folk Music Cafe Vol 5
Clemens Bittlinger-Fingerspitzengefühle
Carlos Montoya-W Espana
Crosby-Nash-Another Stoney Evening
Coco Mbassi-Sisea
Claire Lynch-Moonlighter
Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize-For Foul Day and Fair
Carola-Jul i Betlehem
Christy Moore-Graffiti Tongue
Camela - Cd-2-No Title
Chico Lobo-Convidados - Palmeira Seca
Clara Nunes-Clara Nunes - BIS - CD 2
Castellina Pasi-Il Mio Bandoneon
Claymore-Into the wind
Cathrin Pfeifer-Solo Para O Sol
Clan na Gael-Breath of Life Uisge Beatha
Carrie Newcomer-An Angel At My Shoulder
Carl Wilson-Scotland the Brave
cuba-une soiree a cuba
Christy Moore-Prosperous
C. Daniel Boling-Perfectly Stable Disk 1
Caren Armstrong-Every New Day
Ceilidh Friends-Yellowknife Evening
Christine Havrilla-Some Other Thing
Chowdogs-not the same
Celtic Breeze-Tempête de joie
Claes Virdeborn-Sanningar
Carlos Gardel-El día que me quieras
Craob Rua-No Matter How Cold & Wet You Are As Long As Youre Warm & D
Coalminers beat-Welcome to the miners party
Craig Carothers with Tim Ellis-Acoustic Set
Celine Dion-A new day has come
Chava Alberstein-The Early Years-Disc 3-Beshirey Rachel
Carmen Paris-Carmen y sus andanzas
Christine Collister-Home
Cechomor & Jaz Coleman-Promeny (Transformations)
Cantos a Kiterra-Songs from Sardinia
Cornerstone-Wrapped Up In You
Cyod-Better shitt on the way!
Chipper Thomspson-Penny Dreadfuls
Castanets-First Lights Freeze
Clement, Bill-Virtuoso Piper Of Scotland
Celtic Spirit-Haerts And Haeven
Carike Keuzenkamp-Grootste Treffers
Ciencias Naturales-Ciencias Naturales
Clare Muldaur-Sweetheart
Castellina Pasi-La Famiglia Di Una Volta
Charivaris-I fahr mit´n Bus
Chabuca grande-El Pais vol X Col Universo latino
Colors of Gospel-People get ready...theres a train its comin
Chalaban-Moroccan Nomad
Cluan-The High Road