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compilations-Aqui Esta La Bachata (con sus mejores interpretes)
ColeNeSmithband-Letting Go
Chico Buarque-Songbook CD 2
cactus child-diaphones
Club House Feat. Carl-Light My Fire
Cláudia Telles-Sambas & Bossas
Coklacoma-Its all good
Chalino Sanchez-Coleccion De Oro (Disco 3)
Cornelia Funke-Gespensterjäger auf eisiger Spur - CD2
Carlos Do Carmo-Un Parfum De Fado - Vol. 6
Charles Trenet-Fidčle
Coro I.E.P. Puente Alto-Salva, Sana y Viene Por Mi
Chico Buarque-Chico 50 Anos (O Político)
Chupacabra-Plan B
Carlinhos Brown-Omelete Man
Cajun, Swamp Music, Vol. II-Jewels of Cajun Music
California Promise Chorus-American Tapestry
Claes Janson-All Of Me
Chanan Bar-Sela-Breslev
Craig Adams-A Portrait of Christs Passion - His Love, Cross and Blo
Chris & Cosey-Exotica remastered
Carlos`Dacostas-Miles Away
Capella Gregoriana-Lost in Meditation -- Meditative Gregorian Chants
Christine Stürmer-Schwarz Weiss
Chico y Chica-Sí
Christian B.-Electronica Night Fever (disc 2)
Cat Stevens-Greatest Hits
Concrete Blonde-Group Therapy
casiopea-MAIN GATE
Crister Sandelin-Jag tror hon inte vet
Cathedral Quartet-Signature Songs Volume One
Clifford Curry-She Shot A Hole In My Soul Again
Cassandra Complex-Finland EP
Captain Jack-Iko Iko
Calexico-Even my sure things fall through
Crowd Control feat. bumblebee..-Crowd Control feat. bumblebee
Cledus T. Judd-I Stoled This Record
countervail-the most abused word
Christina Milian-Its About Time
Camera Silens-84 - 87
Cat Stevens-Foreigner
Clang-The Curse of Clang
Celine Dion-Gold Collection (Disc 1)
Chelsea-Sur les traces Pat Hobby
Caterina Valente-Now
CodenameTrixie-Demo Sessions vol. 1
Christian Morgenstern-The Lydia EP
carls - zöbelin-aurelia
Carol Noonan-Carol Noonan Christmas
Connie Francis-An American Treasure - Volume 2
Christ Syde-Now Is The Time
Cliff Richard-RocknRoll Juvenile
Cheikh NDigël Lô-Bambay Gueej
C.C. NOVA-Milk Cult C.C. Nova Dispatch
Classical Spirit-Classical Spirit
Captain Jack-Captain Jack Remix
Circulasione Totale Orcestra-Accent
Cherry Green-Undo
Curtis-Superstar Dog
Craig Mack-Project: Funk Da World
Cece Peniston-Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy) (Single)
Compilation-And All Because The Lady Loves......
cali gari-Dai 7 jikkenshitsu ~MAGURO~
Conterm red-megafair
Compil - Wagram Music (CD1)-Enfants
Canned Heat-Lets Work Together 3
Craig Deane-Getting Started
Cloud Nine-You Got Me Burnin [SHADOW27CD]
Channel 3-Evolution Of Love
Charts-Acte 1 (CD1)
Christina Aguilera-Lady Marmelade
Carol Noonan-Somebodys Darling
Club 69-Alright
Conjunto Primavera-Mejores Corridos
Cheryl Rae-Handprints in Stone
Cantor Moshe Stern-Slichos 2
Claudia Jung-Claudia Jung
Celia CRUZ-Celia CRUZ con la sonora Matancera
California Guitar Trio-A Christmas Album
C. C. Adcock-House Rocker
Christian Berg-Tamino Pinguin CD2
Capretz, Pierre-French In Action - Part 1 - Disc 09
Coral Alphaville-10 Anos
Coro Tre Valli-Coro Tre Valli
Catapila-Void (I Need You)
Childrens Special Favourites-Twinkle twinkle little star
Created by Robert Ludlum Written by Patrick Larkin-The Moscow Vector - Disc 07
Compilation-Columbia Salsa
Cuco Sanchez-Cuco Sanchez Boleros
Christian Bollmann-Echos of Ladakh
Carlos Ann - Bunbury-Leoploldo Maria Panero
Christian Marclay-More Encores