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Los picantes-Dos Caras de la Moneda
Lamb-Between Darkness And Wonder
Liuba María Hevia-Coloreando la esperanza
Lick featuring Kentucky Martha-Im the girl of your dreams
Limp Bizkit-New old songs
Lord Comforters-Konke
Limp Bizkit-Greatest Hitz
Live-Throwing Copper
Lighthouse Family-I could Have Loved You Single
La Tropa Vallenata - Los Caminos De La Vida-La Tropa Vallenat
Lemony Snicket and Tim Curry-A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Ersa
Leo Rowsome-The King of The Pipers
Lasgo-Some Things
London Brass-Impressions Of Brass
Linda Schlener, Lois Harrison-A Little more English - Englisch für Kinder von 6 bis 10 Jahren
Lata Mangeshkar-Sentimental Hits
Les Negresses Vertes-Acoustic Clubbing
Lisa Stansfield-Affection
Lam Truong-Van Mai Cho Em
Lil Keke-Birds Fly South
Langenscheidt-Türkisch 1
Les Barker-Guide Cats For The Blind - Disc Two
Leon Schuster-Gautvol In Paradise
Lil Troy-Sitting Fat Down South
Lost Classics-Lc005
Leftöver Crack-Rock The 40 Oz.
Less Than Jake-Hello Rockview
Legó-Sunday Holiday
Led Zeppelin-Munich, Germany, 17 March 1973 (Disc 2)
Lewis Black-Rules of Enragement
Lil Richard-Polish Wedding Album / Chicago
Los Tigrillos-Cumbias Con Garra Popurrimix
Lynden David Hall-Medicine 4 My Pain
Luisa Fernandez & Peter Kent-Ambiente
La Guardia-Lo Mejor de la Edad de Oro del Pop Español
Liz Damons Orient Express-At the Garden Bar
Ludwig Van Beethoven-Sonate per pianoforte
Lois Zaun-Autumn Leaves - Great Piano Favorites
Leonardo-Quero Colo
Lucio Battisti-Pensieri, Emozioni 2 (Cd 1)
L.G. Wise-Never Alone
Lisandro Meza-15 Exitos
Los Yonics-Serie 32 1
Lamond, George-Bad Of The Heart
LCU Praise Choir & Chamber Singers-I Can Tell The World (2000-2001)
Lord Buckley-A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat
Lùna Pop-...Squèrez
Lu:k-Tallinn - Nõmme - Keila
La Tropa F-XXVII Aniversario
Liptar-Love is New Comer Series
Les Zap-La compil des animaux
Last Desire-A Worship Project
Linda-Embrion (Right CD)
La Conspiracion-Afecto Y Cariño
Les Nubians-One Step Forward
Los Condes-Trio Los Condes
Limp Bizkit-Eat You Alive
LL Cool J-Mr. Smith
LL Cool J-Mr. Smith
Leo Dan-Personalidad 12 Exitos
Lamplight-The Fish Will Walk...
Lil Wayne-Tha Carter II - Screwed and Chopped
Laudate Quartett-Wie hast du mich verändert
Lone Justice-Lone Justice
Lemony Snicket-The Ersatz Elevator
Les nuisances sonores-De la patate
Los Baron De Apodaca-El Chiqui Cha
Lisa Bevill-My Freedom
Little Pink-Cul-de-Sac Cowgirl
Ludger Edelkötter-Die Dinobande
Lil Suzy-Just Cant Get Over You
Late-All major routes
Los Chicolores-Come On Down
Langston Hughes-Voice of the Poet
Loituma-In The Moonlight
Lulu Tanhuanpää-Tulethan Sinä vielä
Lass-Lass 3rd Style "FESTA!! -HYPER GIRLS POP-" Vocal Collection CD.
LArchibudelli-Michael Haydn_ String Quintets
Lenny Kravitz-Greatest Hits
Lois Hornbostel-Dulcimer enchantment
Laureano Brizuela-Alborada
Lighthouse Family-Postcards From Heaven
Linda Biery-The Seed
Lutchiana 100 Mobulu-Point dInterrogation
Libido Mortido-The Nightfall
LL Cool J-Mr. Smith
Lidor Production y Tango Seduccion-Tango Seduccion Live in Paris
Luigi Nono-Volume I: Voices of Protest
Lamb-What Sound
Los Hidalgo-Vivir en Ella
Liquid Love-Liquid Love
Louis Armstrong-American Legends Louis Armstrong
Lloyd Webber-Elgar: Cello Concerto; Enigma Variations
Lucio Dalla-Per gioco e per amore