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Butter 08-Butter 08
Bob Dylan-"Stars From The Darkest Night" Verone, Italy 98-07-
Brüssel Kaupallinen-Aika kultaa muistot
Bruce Springsteen-Wallingford, 9-18-96(Disc 1)
Blackmores Night-Full Moon Second DayDec.14th, 1997
Beatallica-Garage Dayz Nite
Biff Bang Pow !-Love Is Forever
Bob Dylan-Friends will Arrive, Friends will Disappear 2
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band-Live/1975-1985 - Disc 1
Bruce Springsteen-A Night For The Vietnam Veteran (Scorpio) - August 20, 1981 - 2
Bill Champlin-Burn Down the Night
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-Pittsburgh, PA - Decemb
Beata Dubasova-Modry Album
Bracket-When All Else Fails
Bob Dylan-While The Establishment Burns
Beatnik Turtle-The Cheapass Album
Big Shot and his Rocking Guns-Big Shot
Burning Heads-Burning Heads
Böhse Onkelz-E.I.N.S.
Brad Harvey-Me First
Bart Peeters-Het Plaatje Van Bart Peeters
Bill Payne-Cielo Norte
Ben Beckendorf-High Flyin In Texas
Blue Öyster Cult-Godzilla - Live in New York 1981
Bruce Springsteen-4th Of July In Barcelona 04\07\92 CD1
B. J. Thomas-His Golden Classics
Brian Wilson-Andy Paley Sessions
Beach Boys-15 Big Ones & Love You
Bruce Springsteen-Sheffield Night (Disk 2)
Black Eyed Dog-Distance Inbetween
Bloodstone-Go On And Cry
Black Beat Blue-Black Beat Blue
Boom Crash Opera-Look! Listen!!
blink 182-Enema of the State
Bruce Springsteen with Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers-Ameri
Banda Black Rio-The Best Of
Before The Dawn-My Darkness
Bruce Springsteen-The River (1/2)
Blackfoot-Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour
Breathing Machine-Out of the Box
Boom Box 2000-Boom Box 2000
Breuninger Collection-California Dream
Burning Point-Salvation By Fire
Black N Blue-Live In Detroit 1984
Big Sir-Now Thats What I Call Big Sir [Remixes]
Bob Dylan-Concert At Philharmonic Hall 1964
Beehive and the Barracudas-In Dark Love
Byari Vishnu and Jai Bunito Aeo-Chicken Soup for the Soul - Spirit Drum
Bad Checks-Graveyard Tramp
Bela Fleck-2/16/2000 2/2
Burden Brothers & Toadies-Burden Brothers & Toadies
blue valley-07a
Baker Gurvitz Army-Live in Derby 75
Bruce Springsteen-Live 1978 Darkness Tour-Disc 1
Bruce Springsteen-Honeymoon CD2
Betagarri-Arren erro zaharrak
Banda do Caneco-CD 1
Big Sandy-Dedicated To You
Brutus-Somraci Live
Blink 182-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Beastie Boys-Polly Wog Stew EP
Beth Orton-The Other Side Of Daybreak
Brutal Truth-Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Resp...
Bad Business-Bad Business
Buttsteak-Men Who Pause
Bob Dylan-A Nightly Ritual
Bruce Dickinson-The Chemical Wedding
Blue Öyster Cult-Tales of the Psychic Wars - Dsic 2
Blue Meridian-Blue Meridian
Bee Gees-For Ever Young
Bettie Serveert-Dust Bunnies
Barricada-Los singles Cd. 1
Bob Dylan-2003-04-22 Houston, TX (D1) CEDAR 1
Bruce Springsteen-Roses And Broken Hearts (Disc 2)
Bobs-The Bobs
bedizee-2004.03.07 demo
Ben Kweller-Freak Out Its . . .
Bruce Springsteen-Rosemont Horizon,Chicago-3\16\88-Disc 2
Bizarre-Attack Of The Weirdos
Bakunins Bum-Fight To Win
Buddy Holly-Kings of the world music (collection)
Behind Enemy Lines-Know Your Enemy
Bravo Hits 34 CD 1 DYEAR= DGENRE=rock TTITLE0=Dante Thomas-miss california
Bonnitts, The-Demo
Boney M-Greatest Hits CD2
Brian Chartrand-Ill Take It With Me
Blue Nature-Hart aber herzlich - live
Black Eyed Sceva-Way Before the Flood