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Bjork-Live in Moscow (CD 2)
Black Flag-My War
Black Sabbath-Golden Collection 2001
Black Jupiter-The EP
Backsteet Boys-Never Gone
Billy Talent [Pezz]-Watoosh!
Black Sabbath-Colston Hall Bristol 02-05-80 Disc 1
Blue Oyster Cult-Some Enchanted Evening
Black Flag-Annihilation
Blue Jam-...Bad Side
Billy Joel-E:\MyWMAs\Billy Joel\The Complete Hits Collecti
Bon Jovi-LUCKY
Bon Jovi-Best 1983 2003 HDCD
Big Hawk-Volume 2
Black Sabbath-Live Evil
Bruce-The River Outtakes
Bjelleklang-Ypperu Donk?
Bricats-Welcome to Bricatannia
Brownwyn-through the fog, through the pines
Bob Dylan-Invisible Things 1979 - 1981
Balzac-Came Out of the Grave (Promo 7/11)
Bucks Fizz-I Hear Talk - 2004 Remaster
Bijou-Hit Pop
bukimi 3-Wonderful
Bigboy-Live 89
Ben Lee-Breathing Tornados
Barstool Prophets-Last Of The Big Game Hunters
Beatles-1967-1970 CD1
Bionic Jive-Armageddon Through Your Speaker
Bill Withers-The Ultimate Bill Withers Collection, CD2
bad art-Dance Across The River
Bonanza Banzai-A jel
Bad English-Best of
Beatles-Abbey Road & Hey Jude
Black Sabbath-Live Evil
Bill WITHERS-Les indispensables de Bill WITHERS
By: Damon-Something for Tina
Baustelle-La Malavita
Bon Jovi-The Ultimate Rock Collection
Bonfire-Bonfire - The Best Of The Ballads
Bane Jelic-Universe
Billy Joel-Piano Man
Balaam & The Angel-Live Free Or Die
Bruce Springsteen-A Little Bit Of Heaven Here On Earth. The River Tour Comp Six Di
Bell Book & Candle-The Tube
Brian Wilson-SMILE: Paris 13-4-04
Black Crowes-By Your Side
Balanco-Bossa & Balanco
Big Holiday-This Far
Betty Legler-Humanaut Live Special Edition
Buzz-Chilvarys Not Dead
Boz Scaggs-The Lost Concert
Blind Pigs-The Punks Are Alright !
Bruce Mackay-Midnight Minstrel
Bronze Nazareth-Sinuhes Impasse b/w Delilah (CDS)
Bon Jovi-compiled
Britney Spears-Oops!.... I Did It Again
Bo Kaspers Orkester-I Centrum
Bloodrock-Triptych - Disk 2
Black Sabbath-Civic Centre Baltimore 13-04-86 Disc 2
Bon Jovi-1000 Bon Jovi Fans Cant Be Wrong cd1 and cd2
Bohemia Suburbana-Sombras en el jardin
Blind Roller-God Sun
Bubbi Morthens-Allar áttir
brian st. andre-you stole my heart...
By All Means-By All Means
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-MSG-NYC, 5-23-88(Disc 3
Bajaga-Best Of 84 - 94
BAvarija-Mylek Mane
Belinda Carlisle-Runaway Horses
BW&BK Knuckletracks-LXXXI
Birdwatcher-The Afternoon Tales The Morning Never Knew
Big Dipper-Heavens (plus "Boo Boo")
Barney Bentall-Aint Life Strange
Black Sabbath-Children Of The Grave
Baccara-16 Greatest Hits
bapi das baul-senses
Ben Folds-Rockin The Suburbs
Bruce Springsteen-Greatest Hits II
Badly Drawn Boy-Have You Fed the Fish?
Blacktail-Styrofoam Island
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-East Rutherford, 8-6-84
Bruce Springsteen-Jersey Rocker: 12/02/2002, Atlanta - Phillips Arena, Awesome Sou
Beyond -Pleasure--The Cry
Bruce Springsteen-The First Date-Worcester,MA, 2-25-88-Disc 1
Bob Dylan-2001-07-12 Liverpool 2001 CC (D2) Kings Dock
Bruce Springsteen-Catch That Train - December 15, 1980 Disc 3
Beggars & Thieves-Look What You Create
Boston-Dont Look Back