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Backstreet Boys-Millennium
Bendik Hofseth-IX
Bach & Baby-Playtime
Bel Canto-Shimmering, warm & bright
Broken Promises-Dying Before The First Step
Bruce Springsteen-D&d Tour - T.D. Banknorth Garden, Boston, Ma - 30 Oct 2005
Bold-Speak Out
Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers-Git It, Beau Jocque!
Big Country-Steeltown
Bernie Torme & THE ELECTRIC GYPSIES-White Trash Guitar (DISC 1)
Buffalo Tom-Sleepy Eyed
Benny Goodman-Benny Goodman Vol. 2
Billy Squier-Enough is enough
Bap-Rockt andere kölsche Leeder
Big Sky-Waiting For The Dawn
Bill Banger Band-Non Stop Party
Brutal Deluxe-Divine Head
BrazilianBreeze-A FELICIDADE
Blue Mountain-Retrospective: Volume 03 (1997-1998)
Bobby Vinton-Sealed With A Kiss & With Love
Black Sabbath-GTE Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach 10-08-99
Beyond-Quantum Bummer
Boz Scaggs-Some Change + 3
Blind Melon-All That I Need
Boredoms-Sunsidial Cendencies
Bons Angels-Bons Angels
Brett Walker-Lift Off
Blondie-Heart Of Glass
Big Faith-Undertow
Blank & Jones-DJ Culture (CD 2)
Bryan Adams-Please Forgive Me
BCS-Rabbia e Disgusto
B-52s-Summer of Love 98
Boxcar-Universal Hymn
Boom chr Paige-DJ Kit
Blue Man Group-Audio
Bajotres-Maple EP
Booker T. & The Mgs-Thats The Way It Should Be
Beborn Beton-Twisted
Beth HIRSCH-Title & Idols
Baba Yaga-Rave Planet
Best Of Melody-Compilation
Butch Baldassari-Mandolin Tunes for Practice and Repertoire
Beach Boys-Beach Boys Concert
Broken Freedom-Broken Freedom
Billy And The Willies-Cheese
B.J. Thomas-The Best Of B.J. Thomas
Ben Harper-The Will To Live
Butterfield Blues Band-East-West Live
Buddy Holly-From The Original Master Tapes
Billy Idol-Devils Playground
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Boss Town Medley-Detroit, 7-30-84(Disc 3)
Beach Boys-Live
Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty
Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty
Blame it on Edd-Milk The World
Britney Spears-Britney (Special Limited Edition)
Bruce Hornsby & The Range-A Night On The Town
Baader Meinhof-Baader Meinhof
Buddy Holly-The Buddy Holly Collection Disc 2
Buckethead-Giant Robot
Björk And David Arnold-Play Dead
Bachman Turner Overdrive-BTOs Greatest
Brabados-When the summer is gone
Bruce Springsteen-1999-09-24, First Union Spectrum, Philadelp
Big Fat Jam-Big Fat Jam
Benny Benassi presents the Biz-Able to Love
Bondage fruit-Bondage Fruit
Broadzilla-Broadzilla Vs. the Tramp-O-Lean
Billy Bragg-Back to Basics
Blackmores Night-Full Moon Second Day Dec 14th, 1997 CD1
Bob Dylan-Blonde On Blonde
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back
Bruce Springsteen And The E Steet Band-Streets Of Live Disc 2
Balance of Power-Perfect Balance
Barlow Girl-Heart Of The Artist
Beezewax & Redbank (split)-Beezewax vs Redbank
Böhse Onkelz-Heute
Brothers Keepers-Adriano (Letzte Warnung)
Boogie Down Productions-Man & His Music
Blue Öyster Cult-Imaginos
Bill Bass-Dancing The Beat In The Caribbean
Bob Dylan-Blonde on Blonde
Blackstreet-U Blow My Mind
Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath-Greatest Hits
Bon Jovi-Keep The Faith
Bruce Springsteen-Greasy Lake Vol. 4 - Disc 3
Buckfast Superbee-* 1/2