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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Miami, 9-9-85(Disc 3)
Bhangra Knights vs. Husan-Husan
bebop cortez-the romantic panther commander
Blumfeld-Testament der Angst
bob b. soxx & the blue jeans-cip-a-dee doo dah
Bruce Springsteen-You Mean So Much To Me
Bob Dylan-1992-10-28 Springfield, MA (D1) Paramount PAC
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Binghamton, 3-15-77(Disc 1)
Bozo Porno Circus-Regenerate
Bowling For Soup-A Hangover You Dont Deserve
Bruce Russell-Maximalist Mantra Music
Betty Wright-The Best Of Betty Wright
Bee Gees-The Early Days
Bachman, Turner, Overdrive-BTOs Greatest
Billy Fury-The Rocker
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-In the Land of Hope and
Burning Brides-Fall Of The Plastic Empire
Barry White-Anthology
Brainbug-Nightmare Remixed
Bobby Vinton-Bobby Vintons Collector Series Volume I
Beatles-Mythology, Vol.3, 1968
Beck-Folk (bootleg)
Big Country-Peace Concert - Live In East Berlin - 1988
Bonnie Tyler-Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire
Billy Idol-Live 2003
Barry White-The Icon is Love
Bowling For Soup-A Hangover You Dont Deserve
Buddy Knox-The Best Of Buddy Knox
Bob Dylan-130203 d1 Adelaide, Australia
Black Sabbath-All Iommi All The Time
Byrds-Definitive Collection [CD1of1]
Bob Dylan-ncisco, CA - May 4 & 5, 1992 - Disc 2 of 2Bob Dylan
bp and friends-Tunes From the X
Bud Tutmarc-Hawaiian Steel Guitar
Bob Dylan-Madison, WI 10-31-01 Disc 2
Bay City Rollers-Rollin
Bleeding Through-Dust To Ashes
Bon Jovi-Blaze of Roses
Bruce Springsteen-Catch That Train 12-15-1980 - Disc 1
Billy Joel-Legendary Masters
Bruce Springsteen-The Saint, The Incident And The Main Point Shuffle disc 1
Buddy Holly & The Picks-Peggy Sue (2)
Bruce Springsteen-December 4, 2001 - Disc 2
Boikot-Tus problemas crecen
Borgia, Mike-Blood and Moonlight
BCG ( Bourbon Castagnet Gouzil )-Enfantillages
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Hello World-Stockholm,
Bruce Springsteen-Feyenoord Stadium Night Cd3
Bob Dylan-2000-06-16 - Portland Meadows - Portland OR - ( Disk 2-2
Black Sabbath-Starwood Amphitheatre Antioch 22-07-04
Bob Dylan-ALWAYS ON MY MIND vol 2
Bernd Steidl-Psycho Acoustic Overture
Bruce Springsteen (the Bruce Springsteen Band)-Down The Road Apiece
Broose Dickinson-As An Individualist
Bonnie Tyler-The World Starts Tonight
Bay City Rollers-Rollin
Black Sabbath-Columbus 01-07-97
Bantha Fodder-La Sangre Del Vampiro
Box Car Racer-Box Car Racer
Backside Slappy-No More Sad Songs
BAP-zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier
Battlefield-Spirit of time
Böhse Onkelz-Gehasst, verdammt, vergöttert ...die letzten Jahre
Big Country-BBC Live In Concert 1989
Brdr Olsen-Walk Rigth Back
Blandat-Önske-schlager 2
Black Spring-Girth
Bruce Springsteen-Fools Gold cd2
bourbons-house party (rockin sounds from bostons south shore 1964-66
Black Sabbath-Paris 13-10-95 Disc 1
Becks Pistols-Es war einmal...
Bob Rock-Eyes OF Eternity
BucetildZ-Fuck a Dog (½)
Big Fat Snake-Fight For Your Love
Blur-Australian & New Zealand Tour Bonus Disc
Bolshoi-Lindys Party
Blue Oyster Cult-Cult Classics
bruce springsteen-the lost radio show, remastered
Bon Jovi-7800 degrees Fahrenheit
Brownie Mary-Thats Me
Bob Seger-Silver Seger Sampler (Promo)
Burma Shave-Zeal
Bad Religion/NOFX-Eat Or Die
Brian Eno-Here Come The Warm Jets
Brand X-Moroccan Roll
Brian Eno-Here Come The Warm Jets
Bruce Springsteen-The Complete MUSE Shows Sept 21-22, 1979 D
Boots & Braces-Wahnsinn
Bruce Springsteen-Tom Joad Blues-Akron, 9-25-96(Disc 2)
Bettina & Sören-Sprache der Liebe
Bruce Springsteen-Shea Loves You!, CD 03, 04.10.2003, Shea St
Bruce Springsteen-Roxy Night - Disc 3
BLACK ABYSS-Land Of Darkness
Bap-Live - Bess demnähx CD2