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Black Sabbath-Headless Cross (Virgin Mega 08/01/06)
Black Sabbath-The Ozzman Cometh (Disc II)
Bravo-Zima 3
Brian Wilson-Rhino Records - Warner Archive
Barenaked Ladies-Maroon
Badly Drawn Boy-One Plus One Is One
Badly Drawn Boy-One plus one is one
Biohazard-The Best Of
Bananarama-Bunch of Hits
Black Sabbath-Live In New Jersey, (Disc 2)
Brutal Truth-Goodbye Cruel World! (disc 1)
Black Label Society-Alcohol Fueled Brewtality (Disc 2)
Bob Dylan-The Jokerman Has Just Left The Stadium (D1) 1984-06
B.Z. featuring Joanne-Jackie
Ben Becker-Engel Wie Wir
Bruce Cockburn-You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance
Bing Crosby-Protrait of Bing Crosby
Bruce Springsteen-This Is Not A Dark Ride - Disc 3
Bob Hoffnar-Music For Pedalsteel Guitar
Bob Dylan-10-62 Gas Light Cafe NYC
Bette Midler-To Deserve You
Bootleg CD 11-Sample
Blur-The Best Of
belle and sebastian-books
Bjesovi-Na Zivo
Battle Ram-Battle Ram
Badly Preserved-Still Feeling
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath
Barclay James Harvest-Baby James Harvest
Bruce Springsteen-22 Diamonds In My Pocket
Blood Duster-st
Boys-Extra !
Bridget Jones Diary Filmmusik-Nr 1
Billy Joel with Attila - The Hassles-Rollin Home
BAP-Da Capo
Blancmange-Mange Tout
Beern Paradise-Speed Cool Man!
Blitzkrieg-A Time Of Changes - Phase 1 (Disc 1)
Black Oak Arkansas-Raunch N Roll
Black Sabbath-The Eternal Idol
Big Gulp-Pit Boss
Bare Naked Ladies-Stunt
Bruce Dickinson-Accident Of Birth
Bikini-Körutazás a Balkánon (2)
Beastie Boys-New York State Of Mind (Mixed By DJ Green Lantern)
Baby Animals-Shaved And Dangerous
Blasphemy-Vol 1
Beanpole-Jelly Filled
Boy Hits Car-Boy Hits Car
Brinsley Schwarz-Hens Teeth
Born Naked-Born Naked
Barclay James Harvest-Victims of circumstance
bnd-Here I Go Again
Blood, Sweat & Tears-Super Hits
Babylon A.D.-Babylon A.D.
Basia-Time and Tide (Mastersound Gold CD)
Bryan Adams-On a day like today
Breathing Machine-Alice Street and More
Bob Dylan The best of Bob Dylan Vol. 2-The best of Bob Dylan vol. 2
Barely Blind-The Greatest Adventure Story of All Time
Bob Dylan-080804 d2 Brockton
BonnieTyler-Notes From America
Blumentopf-Eins A
Bad Society-Demos
Bjork-Ssshhhhhh..... Adelaide 11mar96 + MTV Unplugged 1994 (disc 1)
Bleeding Through-This Is Love, This Is Murderous (bonus disc)
Blondie-Atomic / The Best Of
Bob Dylan-We Had Known A Lion
Boston-Live in Concert
Bill Laswell-Shine - Heaven and Hell
Bel Canto-Shimmering, warm & bright
Birchbark Canoes-Live at the Mineshaft
Bi Kyo Ran-"Ran" Live Vol. 3
Bob Dylan-1994-05-01 Columbia, MO (D2) Jesse Auditorium
Birthcontrol-Hoodoo Man
BOYS TOWN GANG-Non-Stop Best Hits
Berlin-Count Three & Pray
Bruce Cockburn-The Trouble With Normal
Billy The Kid-The Burnout Factor
Bruce Springsteen-Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen-Greatest Hits
Blink 182-Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Budapest-Too Blind To Hear
Bare Naked Ladies-Shoe Box E.P.
Bob Dylan-Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte - Disc Two
Bz-Bz The Best Pleasure
Bruce Springsteen-All Those Nights Vol.2 - Devils & Dust Tour 2005 Live Acoustic I
Billy Mackenzie And Steve Aungle-Eurocentric
Bon Jovi-One Wild Night - Live
Black Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul For Rock N Roll (disc 2)
Backstreet Boys-The Hits - Chapter One
Buddy Holly-Buddy Holly and Thatll Be The Day
Bob Dylan-Rolling Thunder Revue - Maple Leaf Gardens - Toront
B.D.Union-Stand On The Ground
Bing Crosby & Friends-The Radio Years
Big Electric Cat-Dreams of a Mad King
Barnyard Slut-Force Field