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Bob Dylan-The Essential Bob Dylan - Disc 2
Blind Guardian-Tokyo Tales
Blues Creation-Carmen Maki
Big Bang Music Theory-B.B.M.T.
Bottom Line-Eloquence
Big Cock-Year of the Cock
Berlitz Travel Pack-Mandarin Chinese
Brian Wilson-"Sweet Insanity" Outtakes
Blinded By a Book of Fiction-NYU Radio (Live)
Billy Mann-Billy Mann
Bernd Clüver-Sag noch einmal ich liebe dich
Brand New-Deja Entendu
Boot Led Zeppelin-The Winds of Thor
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Philly Incident Night,
Beach Boys-M I U Album
Boytronic-Love for sale
Bill Deasy-Good Day No Rain
Baglioni Claudio-Viaggiatore Sulla Coda Del Tempo
Bee Gees-Luxury Edition CD 1
Brian Tracy-Eat that frog CD3
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Kutztown State College,
Beatles, the-Rubber Soul / Revolver
Brian Cincotta-Past Tents
Bernard Lavilliers-Clair obscur
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band-Barcelona Night (boot
Beatsteaks-Living Targets
Bram Tchaikovsky-Pressure
Blake Babies-Slow Learner
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-BRMC
Backstreet Girls-Mental Shakedown
Bruce Springsteen-Teardrops On The City - Revisited (Disc 1)
Blues Traveller-Love & Greed (Unofficial Live)
Bon Jovi-King Of The Air Waves
Beau Dommage-Beau Dommage I
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen-Oakland Night, Disc #1
Ben Weasel-Fidatevi
Boxcar Prophets-Little Tortures
Bruce Springsteen-Fools Gold 1_3
Bouchard, Dunaway & Smith-Back From Hell
Bruce Springsteen-Live 1975-85 (Disc 1)
Blackmores Night-Civic Center Aylesbury 31-10-05 Disc 1
Beat Happening-Crashing Through 7 - Audio+Video
Broadcast-Tender Buttons
Bob Dylan-Hard Times in Alabama - Civic Center - Huntsville,
Bruce Springsteen-The ghost of Woody (CD 2)
Barry Manilow-Barry Manilow II
Bob Dylan-23 September 2000, Cardiff
Born Under Saturn-Reflecting the Beautiful Design
Biolay Benjamin-Live Au Casino De Paris (première partie Alain Souchon Acoustiqu
Bumi Putra Rockers-Akustik & Unplugged
Barefoot-Changes in the weather
Brennan, Herbie-Der Purpurkaiser (CD 3)
Big Als Swing Kids-Swing And Shout
Brad Sucks-I Dont Know What Im Doing
Belle & Sebastian-Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
Boyz II Men-Cooleyhighharmony
Bay City Rollers-Once Upon A Star
Bob Dylan-2001-11-10 Columbus, OH (D1) Nationwide Arena
Busy-B-Tales of a Peckerwood- Explicit Lyrics
Baby Ford-"Ooo" The World of Baby Ford
Blue Bar Formentera-The Essential Compilation
Bob Marley-All In One
Brenton Wood-The Oogum Boogum Song And Other Hits
Brooke-Coming Home
Bruce Springsteen-Frisco Second Night cd 3
Bob Dylan-Boots Of Spanish Treasure
Bonzai Records-Bonzai Eight CD 2
Billy Idol-Charmed Life
Bon Jovi-This Aint A Love Song
Brutus-Mam horecku
Bert Kaempfert-A Musical Biography
Brand New-Favorite Weapon
Bob Dylan-2004-04-02 Washington, D.C. (D1) 9:30 Club
Basic (Human Workshop)-Do You Know The Word
Blacktop Rockets, The-Whatll Ya Have?
Box Car Racer-Box Car Racer
Bruce Springsteen-The Rising Tonight Disk 2
Bruce Hornsby (Bootleg)-Montalvo 7/24/01 disc 1
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-2002-11-21 Orlando, FL
Beefeaters-Troels Vanvittige Parkering
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Jackson, 7-18-78(Disc 2
Beatles, The-DKUSA03 - Beatles Collection Vol. 1
Bob Dylan-It Aint Me Babe - Disc 1
Bobby Freeman-Do You Wanna Dance?
Brenda Lee-The Very Best of Brenda Lee
Bob Dylan-1979-12-05 Right Turn At Albuqueque (D1) Kiva Aud.
Buck-Tick-One Life, One Death Cut Up (Live) - 2
Buddy Holly & The Picks-Forever 22 (Disc2)
Boyjazz-In The City Tonight
Bob Dylan-Back at Wolftrap (Disc 2)
Buck-Buck in Black