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Billboard Hottest Hits-Love Story From 1965-1980 Vol.8
Beach Boys-Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen-08/01/2003, Foxboro, Awesome Audience, Disk 1
Beatles-Number Ones
Black Sabbath-Huxleys Neue Welt Berlin 30-04-94 Disc 2
Bad Religion-Ultra Rare Traxx
Bruce Dickinson-Disc 2 - Alive At The Marquee
Bunbury-festival cervantino 2001
Bing Crosby-Bing Crosby - Tenth Anniversary Collection (Disk 2 of 3)
Brian Eno and David Byrne-My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Bob Dylan-1994-11-02 (D1) Roanoke Civic Center Auditorium
Bryan Adams-You Want It, You Got It
Biohazard-Means To An End
Big brother feat. Erinie Joseph-Confusion
Bay City Rollers-Absolute Rollers
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Berkeley, 3-2-73(Ed Sciacky Tapes)
Brainbombs-Genius And Brutality - Taste And Power
Bruce Springsteen-Tinley Park, 9-02-92(Disc 3)
Bob Dylan-New Found Faith CD1
Bret Michaels-Songs of Life
Best Of-Punk Rock
Bruce Springsteen-Prodigal son at Winterland [Remaster] [Bootleg] [CD
Big Bertha-Live Featuring Cozy Powell (Disc 2)
Beatles-Singles 1967-1970
Boom Crash Opera-These Here Are Crazy Times
Best of Tinrib 1996-2002-Best of Tinrib 1996-2002
Barbra Streisand-Greatest Hits Voumel II
Bobby P & Henry Bauer-Juliane
Big Jim Sullivan-Ultimate Rock Guitar
Bruce Springsteen-Milan, 4-19-99(Disc 3)
Black Sabbath-Miami 80 Disc 2
Bad Boys Blue-Bad Boys Blue
Bathory-The Return
Bruuce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Its Dangerous Down Th
Blue in the Face-Kicks & Deals
Bauhaus-Burning From The Inside
Böhse Onkelz-Böse Menschen - böse Lieder
Boom Boom-Intergalactic Megahello
Brett Sawyer-2nd Avenue
Beans Barton & the Bi-Peds-Absolutely Alive
Blutengel-Demon Kiss
Beatles (cover version)-Nikkodo Karaoke CDG SAVP003
Bambole di Pezza-Crash Me
BANANA BOAT-Whats The Thing We Do First?
Bloque-El Hijo Del Alba
Birdland with Lester Bangs-Birdland with Lester Bangs
Ballurio-Spider Dance
Blind Guardian-Tolkien Talees
Ballermann-First 10 Years 4/4 Acoustic-Set
Bob Dylan-Sendai, Japan 2-27-01 Disc 2
Bob Mould-Bob Mould
Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Volume I-III (Disc 1)
Bon Jovi-Let It Rock
Bryan Adams-Reckless
Britton-Alien Romper Room
Black Eyed Rosey-Black Eyed Rosey
Bob Dylan-Slow Train Coming
Bob Dylan-Slow Train Coming
By Coastal Cafe-Old Cartoons
Bosco-TheArch EP
Böhse Onkelz-Loreley 2003 CD2
Billy Idol-Vital Idol
Barclay Jamest Harvest-Berlin
Bruce Springsteen-The Birthday Bash - Disc 3
Beach Boys, The-Surfs Up
Bob Dylan-Almost Went to See Elvis 1969-70
Bloodrock-Bloodrock Live
Bo Diddley-His Best
Black Lodge-Covet
Beck-Stereopathetic Soulmanure
Björn Afzelius-Björn Afzelius Bästa Vol II
Beach Boys-Long Lost Surf Songs
Blue Diamonds-Oh Carol - CD 2
Barry Ryan-Singing the Songs of Paul Ryan 1968-1969
Bob Dylan-Live in England, may 1966
Beach Boys-Dumb Angel Vol 2
Boris-Branim se
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Tearing the Walls of Jersey Down, 3-19-99(Disc 1)
Big Chief-Good to your earhole
Bob Dylan-Orbiting Uvula
Beach Boys-M.I.U. Album & L.A. (Light Album)
Böhse Onkelz-Der Nette Mann + Alternativ-Versionen
Blue Mink-The Best of & The Rest Of
Best of AVEX Trance 1999-1999
Brian Wilson-I Just Wasnt Meant For These Times
Black Sabbath-Live Evil - Disc 1 of 2
Bob Dylan-Have No One To Meet
BILUBIDU-Sem Motivos para Sermos Normais
BAP-Für Maria (Single-CD)
Bassreflex-Reimland, Land Der Phantasie
Best of 97 - Diverse-The greatest hits of the year
Bon Jovi-New Jersey - Remastered
Bonnie Tyler-The Best Of
Bob Dylan-Isle Of Wight: Complete Audience Tape