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Bells Of-Two Dos Or Not 2
Bardot-Love Will Find A Way (Single)
Beach Boys-Ten Years of Harmony - Disc 2
Britney Spears-Britney
Bandas y Orquestas-Sonido Estelar
Brendan Croker & The 5 OClock Shadows-A Close Shave
Burial Rites-Demo CD
Brainside-Adams Track
Blitzkrieg-The Future Must Be Ours
Böhse Onkelz-Tour 2000
Bryan Adams-18 Til I Die
Big Sugar-Hit and Run
Beatles-Love Me Do
Billy Joel-Live
Bruce Springsteen-Arco Arena 4-9-03 Disc Two
Billy Squier-Reach For The Sky - The Anthology (Disk Two)
Bowie, Davie & Nine Inch Nails-St Louis 10/11/95
Backwash-Feel Rock
Booij, Hans De-Het Beste Van
Bryan Ferry-The Price Of Love
Brian Wilson-Imagination (Words + Music)
Bonfire-One acoustic Night CD2
Big Brother Alstars-Wie ne Family
Blaggers I.T.A.-Rumblefish & DxC [cds]
Bob Dylan-Thin Wild Mercury Music
Bee Gees-Brilliant from Birth (disk two)
Badfinger-The Very Best Of Badfinger
Bruce Springsteen-The Boston Tea Party #2
Beasts Of Bourbon-Bonus Live Disc
Banchory Strathspey & Reel Society-70 Years on
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-Disc 2 - Goteborg Night
Brightside-Rest In Peace - E.P. Collection
Britney Spears-Oops!...I Did It Again
Backstabbers Inc-While You Were Sleeping
Bruce Springsteen-Home Of the 76ers (Disc 1)
Bloody Dead And Sexy-Paint it Red
Bezerra da Silva-RCA - 100 Anos de Música
Britney Spears-Britney
Blizzard Entertainment-Warcraft III Soundtrack EP
Bad Company-What You Hear Is What You Get [Live]
Bob Geldof-Love Like A Rocket
BOLIK-ACOUSTIC E.P. (Playtime Session on Radio Arverne - mai 2004)
Billy Idol-Cradle Of Love (single CD)
Best-Humble Pie
Bryan Adams-The Best Of Me
Ben Folds Five-Brick (Japanese EP)
Bad Boys Blue-Tonite
Bruce Springsteen-Spectrum Night - Disc 3
Bajos Instintos-Noches Eternas
Beck-In The Grave
Big Divas & Gentle Bad Boys-20th Century Lullabies II
Bryan Adams-The Best Of Me
Bryan Adams-The Best Of Me
Burma Jam-New Ground
Bricquebec-Salang Lyn
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-Indianapolis, 3-5-81(Disc 1)
BS --20050805 - Milwaukee - Disc 1
Blind Guardian-Somewhere Far Beyond
Beatles-30 Days (15)
Bonesaw-Smoking The Fool
Boogaloo Stu-The Glambassador
Bathory-Destroyer Of Worlds
Black Crows-Darlings Of The Underground Press
Battery Harvey-5.0
Beau-Creation & Beau
Bloc Party-Bloc Party EP
Billy Joel-Collection
Byron Nemeth Group-100 Worlds
Bobby Jimmy-Erotic Psychotic
Bush-greedy fly
Barry White-The Ultimate Collection
Bullyparade-Unser (T)Raumschiff
Blac Monks-No Mercy
Butterfinger-What More Do You Want?
Billy Ocean-Greatest Hits
BMG-bm92 - BMG julen 1992
Balasevic-The Best Of Vol.2 (1987-1992)
Buckner, Richard-Impasse
Backstreet Boys-Everybody (Backstreets Back)
Blümchen-Es Ist Vorbei (Maxi_CD)
Bardo Pond-Selections: Volumes I-IV (Disc 2)
Black Box Recorder-England Made me
Bizarr Sex Trio-Bizarr Sex Trio (ep)
Basement Jaxx-The Singles Special Edition (Disc 1 - The Singles)
Boyz II Men-Legacy The Greatest Hits Collection
Blitzkrieg-Holy war
Bexta-Mixology Gold - CD 2