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BOW WOW-Whats Going On
Black Sabbath-20th Anniversary Edition
Blue Oyster Cult-Mirrors
Big Brother & The Holding Company-Cheaper Thrills
Brigitte Bardot-Lappareil ā sous
Bitty Mclean-Soul To Soul
Bucky Barrett-A Tribute to Roy Orbison
Blind Addiction-Blind Addiction
Bryan Adams-Straight from the heart
Bob Dylan-The Childs Balloon - Live 1981 - Disc 1
Buzzcocks-Love Bites
Brad-The Day Brings
Basiliki maniatakoy-piaze kokkino
Blue Floyd-Des Moines, Ia-02\19\00-Early Show (1)
Brian Eno-Before and after Science
Bob Dylan-Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte - Charlotte Colliseum - C
Baby Blue-When Or Why
Bruce Channel-Keep On
Bobby Brown-On Our Own (Remix)
BOOWY-LAST GIGS (COMPLETE 21st Century 20th Anniversary EDITION
Beverly Jo Scott-Cut & Run Live (CD1)
Bryan Adams-Heaven
Boards Of Canada-Hi Scores / Twoism
Bruce Springsteen-Hungary Heart
Bob Dylan-21-11-1975 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA CD1
blue valley-07b
Black Sabbath-Sabbotage
Belinda Carlisle-Love In The Key Of C
Bomb-Lucy In The Sky With Desi
Bob Seger-Against the Wind
Blink-A Map Of The Universe By Blink
Bon Jovi-This Left Feels Right
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-1981-05-11 You Can Look
Black Sabbath-Rock & Roll Doctors At Olympen 23-08-83 Disc 2
Buffalo Tom-Sleepy Eyed
Black N Blue-Without Love
Bruce Hornsby & The Range-Scenes From the Southside
Bars-Tho dire mil vegades
Bruce Springsteen-The Missing Years (1987-1995)
Bar-Kays-Greatest Hits - Too Hot To Stop
Buddy Holly-Reminiscing
Bon jovi-crush
Body Electric-Walking Through Walls
Bitter Grin-Get it while u can
Beatles-The Beatles 1967-1970 (CD 1)
Brincos-Mundo, Demonio y Carne
Bob Dylan-Genuine Bootleg Series Vol 3
Blue Öyster Cult-Super Hits
Bruce Springsteen-Lonesome Vigilante
Beach Boys, The-Surfin USA
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band with guests-VFC Philly,
Bryan Adams-On A Day Like Today
bonnie pink-just a girl
Billy Joel-Cold Spring Harbor (Columbia Reissue)
Blinker the Star-Blinker the Star
Blind Guardian-The Dragons Breath CD2 (Live Bootleg)
Brachial-Demo 2004
Black Queen-The Anthropocalypse
Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed (CD Single)
Byrds-Mr. Tambourine Man
Bruce Springsteen-Spare Parts
Big Jim Slade-pacify the herd
Black Sun Ensemble-Lambent Flame
Ben Lee-Running With Scissors
Bigod 20-One
Bobby Vince Paunetto-Paunettos Point
Babes in Toyland-Intermenstral (Disc 1)
Belle and Sebastian-Lazy Line Painter Jane
Bliss featuring Donna DeLory-Love Never Dies
Beatles-Hey Jude
Brian Poole (From the Tremeloes)-Silence is Golden
Blackbirds-No Destination
Bobby Vinton-Bobby Vintons Collector Series Volume I
Bruce Springsteen-Glory Days_01-09-01
Beau Brummels-Triangle
Blind Mans Sun-Disk 1
Big Brother and The Holding Company-Do What You Love
Butch Walker-Butch Walker - Letters
Boys Town Gang-The Best Of
Barnas Beste-Volume 2
Billy Joel & Elton John-Clemsom 1995
Buddy Holly-The Buddy Holly Collection (Disc 2)
Bad Religion-Generator
Bösedeath-...Of Death
Bossi-Work It Out
Bob Dylan-Genuine Live 66 (6 of 8)
Burn Your Bridges-Self Titled
Bryan Adams-The Best Of Me