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Bob Dylan-1999-04-11 San Sebastian, Spain (Disc 2)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-B.R.M.C.
Bob Dylan-Chicago 10-27-01 Disc 2
Boney M-Gold
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-VCU Gymn, Richmond, VA
BBS Paranoicos-Collage
Bruce Springsteen-Ready For a Ride? CD2
Brithney Spears-In The Zone
Barry Manilow-Here At The Mayflower
Bonnie Tyler-Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire-1986
Britney Spears-oops...i did it again
Bad Brains-Quickness
Bi Kyo Ran-Bi Kyo Ran
Bewilderbomb-Robots, Riots, Ruins and Rainbows
Bent-Programmed To Love
Black Sabbath-Labatts Apollo Manchester 11-04-94 Disc 2
Bigzis-Keini So
Buy a guitar-The Genes
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band-Live in Tacoma, WA - 08/21/02
Bumpercrop-Last Man Standing
Beherit-Ghost of Death Early Days
Bob Dylan-2002-02-05 Jacksonville, FL (D2) Jacksonville Veter
Bitte Ziehen Sie Durch-Deichkind
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-Looking For That Millio
Brass Band Willebroeck-Take It Easy (CD1)
Budka Suflera-Cien Wielkiej Gory
Britney Spears-...Baby One More Time
Brainiac-Electro-Shock For President
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band-Live in Phoenix, 08/25/02 - d
Black Sabbath-Burning The Cross Newcastle Australia 27-11-80
bruce springsteen-Freehold Rendezvous - Disc 2
Beastie Boys-Tough Guys
Boarshill No. 1-Boarshill No. 1
Banshee-Race Against Time
Beatles-Revolver (Millennium remasters)
Beach Boys-The Best Of
Bodyjar-How it Works
Brandy-Talk About Our Love (Maxi Single)
Bob Dylan-The Bootleg Series 1961-1991 - Volume 2
Black Sabbath-Live In Germany 9-23-89
Baby Ford-Sacred Machine [Baby Ford and the Ifach Collective Present]
Bon Jovi-Live in Concert
Best of...-Coldplay
Bee Gees-Horizontal
Bryan Adams-Cuts Like A Knife
Budgie-Best of Budgie
Baby Mammoth-10,000 Years Beneath The Street
Bryan Ferry-The best of Bryan Ferry + ROXY MUSIC
Billy Idol-Whiplash Smile
Bruce Springsteen-Killer Cuts #1
Britney Spears-...Baby One More Time
Belenos-Errances Oniriques
Beatles-Documents Vol. 1
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band-MSG, 6-26-00(Disc 1)
Bon Jovi-Europe 93
Brother-This Way Up
Bo Diddley-Breakin Through The B.S.
Bob Dylan-The Original Basement Tapes vol 1
Bo Diddley-Breakin Through The B.S.
Brian Wilson-Lost Smile Sessions - Disc 2
Big Daddy Kane-Looks Like A Job For...
Bai Bang-Enemy Lines
Bijou-El Profeta
Blanket Music-Move
Brdr Olsen-Walk Rigth Back
Beskarna-Beskarna #1
Bruce Springsteen-Christmas Show 12/6/01 #2
Blues Brothers-The Definitive Collection
Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler-The Complete Recording Sessions (CD 3)
Billy Joel-An Evening of Questions & Answers... & A Little Music
Bastian Sick-Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod Folge 2 - CD1
Bensin-Leave Your Mark
Box Car Saints-Last Things
Black Crowes-E-Werk, Cologne Nov 17, 1992 - Disk 1
Boud Deun-Fiction and Several Days
Best Collection-Pop Ballade 2
Bob Dylan-Pedlar Now Speaks - Theater of the Living Arts -
Bob Dylan-Soul - Tempodrom - Berlin, Germany - 07-17-96 - Dis
Bob Barry-Windows & Bridges
Bruce Springsteen-The Unsurpassed Vol. 2 - Kansas City 72-73
Baton Rouge-Baton Rouge
Bilbok Barzoi-Annoncer la couleur
Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band-Pittsburgh Upgrade 12
Black Debbath-Tung, tung politisk rock
Bob Dylan-One Hand Waving Free 1
Blue yster Cult-The Thing!
Buty-Malinkeho ptacka EP (BMG Ariola 1996)
Blondie/The Platinum Collection Disk 1-Blondie/The Platinum Collection Disk 1
Bon Jovi-Livin on a prayer-live