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Compiled by Jeffrey Hurant (Jack loves ya)-A Post Apocalyptic Christmas Card
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle The 20 Greatest Hits
Carl Cox-Mixed Live at Crobar Nightclub
Cream-Slowhand On Fire - Live Tours 67/68
Cliffhanger-Hope And Despair
Cream-Disraeli Gears
Can-Paris May 73 (Disc 1)
Chicken Truck-Demos 1986 - 1990 (Side B)
Carlos Olmeda-Sensitive Groove
Chemical Brothers-Come With Us
Carpenters-A Kind Of Hush
Coffin Break-Crawl
Chuck Berry-Long Live Rock and Roll
Cosmic Casino-Be Kind & Be Cause
Cetomedio-Ketchup O Maionese?
Cave In-Until Your Heart Stops
Communic-Conspiracy In Mind
Collection-avex trax (Best Of No.1 Hits)
Земляне-Трава у дома
Charanga de la 4-lo mejor de charanga de la 4
Cymbals-Thats Entertainment
Cherrybomb-Living Room Sessions
Collection-Independent Top 20
Carpathia Project-Carpathia Project
C.C. Catch-Best Of
Chris Isaak-Baja Sessions
Carola-Sov pе min arm
Cannibal Corpse-Gallery of Suicide
Cashman & West-American City Suite:
Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Ultimate Collection Disc 2
Coil-Live in NYC August 18, 2001
Classic Rock-1967 - 1968 CD 1 TLM
C17H19NO3-Terra Damnata
Charlene-Ive Never Been To Me
Countdown Mix Masters-Best of Disco
Commodores-The Best of - V1
Crowbar-Bad Manors
Chino XL-Here To Save You All
Chuck Berry-Original Legends versions
Creedence-Clearwater Revival - Anniversary
Cher UK-Berdella
Compay Segundo-Gracias Compay (CD1)
Compilation-Extreme Saturday CD
Compilations-Huh Volume 14
Chubby Checker-Teen Twisters Only & Folk Album (Liberty Bell)
Christian Descamp & Fils-Juste une ligne bleue
Carlos Manuel-Enamorao
Cold-13 Ways To Bleed On Stage
chuck jacson and maxine brown-say something_hold on
CD2-50 Jahre Party
Cake-Comfort Eagle Sampler
Cassius-Heres a song
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Creedence Country
Crowded House-Woodface
Cuentos Borgeanos-Misantropia
Chilliwack-Greatest Hits
Cast-All Change Promo Album Sampler
Casket-Emotions... Dream Or Reality
Coldplay-Rarities, B-Sides and Other Things
Chico & les Gypsies-Freedom
Chris Jagger-Rock the Zydeco
Claire Moss-Claire Moss
Cock And Ball Torture-Where Girls Learn To Piss On Command
Clinic-Walking With Thee
Comatose-Deep Sleep
Che Fu-Without A Doubt (CD Single)
Cat Stevens-1974.06.22 - Nakano Sun Plaza, Japan
Cameron McGill-Stories of The Knife and The Back
Crank-We hope to meet you
Cat Stevens-bitterblue
Cicadas, The-Cicadas
Cellophane Ceiling-breaker breaker love maker
Carmen Cavallaro-Best Collection(Disk1)
Club Mix 96-Vol. 1
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine-101 Damnations
Climie Fisher-Rise To The Occasion
Carpenters-The Essential Collection 1965-1997 (Disc 2)
Cities-Annihilation Absolute
Classic Rock-18 Rock Classics TLM
Crystal Kay-C.L.L -Crystal Lover Light
Crimson Thorn-Purification
Clawfinger-Nothing going on Limited ed.
Cerebros Exprimidos-Demencia
Clouseau-Doorgaan (tot je niet meer op je benen kan staan)
Camp Group-Summers Best Two Weeks
City Boy-Young Men Gone West
Czerwone Gitary-Gold Edition vol. II
Cheap Trick-The Greatest Hits
Candy 66-A+
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Collection of Hits