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Delirious-King of Fools
Divine Comedy-Perfect lovesong (CD2)
Deep Blue Something-Breakfast At Tiffanys
Deep Blue Something-Breakfast At Tiffanys (Single)
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends-Motel Shot
Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street
Dio-Master Of The Moon
Dan Baird-I Love You Period (single)
Donna The Buffalo-Lifes A Ride
Divine:Decay-Maximise The Misery
Deborah Harry-Debravation
Dream-Get Dreamy
Die benetzten Schrötzer-coffeeshop dAmour (Maxi)
Dean-O and the Dynamos!-Soul Surfin
Dinosaur Jr-Feel The Pain
Dave Matthews Band-The Space Between (CD Single CD1)
David Bowie-2004-02-27 - Melbourne - "Adams Own Twilight Zone" - disc
Deep Purple-The Early Years
Dobb And Dumela-Onedrop
DOOBE BROTHERS-Livin On The Fault Line
Discharge-Grave New World
Diane Tell-Popeline
David Bowie-Ziggy Goes To East (Live At Kosei Nenkin-Kaikan,
DeeBuzz-Yardrock CD2 Dancehall
Das Modul-Computerliebe
Duran Duran-I dont want your love (cd3)
Dave Mason - Santana-California Jam 2 - Disc 2
DG 307-Dar stinum
Deltones-The Big Four 0 - disc 2
Dedalus-Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico
Dog Talk-Twiddling The Tightrope
David Bowie-Little Wonder
David Johansen-Looking Good
Depeche Mode-Freelove
Daft Pank-Daft Club
Dynamind-How too get your band noticed
Diane Chase-In the Middle Of Something
Deabruak Teilatuetan-Itsumutugor
Dio-Sacred Heart
Dire Straits-Walk of life
Decry-Complete Decry 82-86 (Disc 2)
Depeche Mode-In Your Room Maxi SP
Dio-Sacred Heart
Delight-The Fading Tale
Died Smiling-Evolution of the Fist
David W. Huff-Really
Deep Purple-Boston - May 24, 1973 (disc 2)
Dark Star-About 3am
Doug and the Slugs-Tomcat Prowl
Diverse-Kashbah Nights (CD 3)
Don Backy-I successi di
Dave Matthews Band-Under the Table and Dreaming
David Johansen-In Style
Downer-Wrestling With Jesus
Deep Purple-The Battle Rages On...
Deep Purple-Rotterdam91 - CD 2
DMX-...And Then There Was X
Doves-Lost Sides [Disc 2]
Deadringer-Electrocution Of The Heart
David Bowie-Rawmoonrehearsals - Vancouver 1976 (Disc 1)
Das Damen-Mousetrap
Def Leppard-High n Dry
Dance 2 Trance-Power of American Natives
Dead To The WorldKid Gorgeous-Split
Dashboard Confessional-Swiss Army Romance
Danny & Gerry-More of Our Songs
Def Leppard-Hysteria
Dogs die in hot cars-I love you cause I have to (Single)
Death Of Samantah-Come All Ye Faithless
Dire straits-Goin Home - Recorded Live In London 1983
Detrimental Threat-same
Drowning Pool-Sinner
Dave Taylor-Cadillacs & Moonlight
Dream Syndicate-Ghost Stories
Depeche Mode-I Feel Loved [Disc 2]
Dave Clarke-The Compass
DINA-Electricity gave me a heart murmur
Die Ärzte-Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!
Dogbowl and Kramer-Hot Day in Waco
Die Ärzte-Die klügsten Männer der Welt
Donkey-3 Song Demo
Dylan & The Dead-The "Complete" Rehearsals 1987 disc 4
Dx-n. (variable)
Daniel Darc-Creve coeur
Dave Matthews Band-Everyday
David Byrne-David Byrne
Diverse System-Selfmix
David Kamminga-beta versions
Dave Gahan-I Need You
Daryl Hall & John Oates-Live At The Apollo