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Daddy Longlegs-situation normal
DJ Fish Dance-CHR Pop Vol I
Disharmonic Orchestra-Expositions Prophylaxe
David Guetta-Love Dont Let Me Go (Single)
David Cross-Closer Than Skin
da Vinci-Perhaps...Indeed!
DMBQ-The Essential Sounds From The Far East.
Dr. Fugly-Christmas Tunes Never Sounded Like This!
David Bowie-MTV Music History - Disc 1
Dwight Yoakam-Aint That Lonely Yet (CD Single)
Deeper Than That-The Treat That Comes From Within
DJ Tron-Chrome Padded Cell
Dakota Moon-Another Day goes by (Single)
Dodgy-So let me go far
Divididos-Gol de Mujer
Duke Ellington-The Duke [204139-336] - [204145-302] Creole Rhapsody (1931-1932)
David Lee Roth-Eat Em And Smile
Dr Feelgood-Speeding Thru Europe (Live)
Dioria-Pohjolandia "kokoelma"
Diverse-Drengene fra MGP 2001-2004
David Ackles-Subway to the Country
Darude-Before The Storm
Dendt-One Night Only
Dick Brave & Backbeats-Dick this !
Diana Ross-Chain reaction
David Huang-Fall of Forty - Four
Deep Purple-Deepest Purple
Dave Mason-Alone Together
Diana Ross-Diana Ross
Dylan Bob-Knocked Out Loaded
Deep Purple-Miami_76 - In Deep Grief - Disc 2
Deniz Arcak-Ha Bugun Ha Yarin
Danny Pearson-The Oblivion Seeker
Dream Theater-The Covers
DJ Sei-Die Arche-Band DJ Sei live
Dpeche Mode-Get Excited!
Daryll-Ann-DA Live
Das Untergangskommando-Hol dir die Pest
Dementor-Kill the thought on christ
Dressy Vagabonds-less knowledge more power
Dream Theater-Lords of Sound - Disc 1
DJ Phantasma-Revolution (Maxi)
Difference-The Very Best of Difference
Dave Matthews (Solo)-FarmAid - September 07, 2003 Germain Amphitheatr
Deep Purple-Ottawa, Chicago - CD 1
Druid-Fluid Druid
Die Toten Hosen-Auswrtsspiel
Daughters-Canada Songs
Discarga-Happy Night Electric Experience
December Moon-Source Of Origin
Delirium-Dolce Acqua
Donnie McDougall-Best Wishes
Dire Straits-Live USA CD2
Dio-Balingen 25-06-05
DJ Alias-Inner Beats
Duran Duran-Duran Duran
Dub Buk- !
Druid-Toward The Sun
David Byron-Take No Prisoners
Debbie Gibson-Out Of The Blue XXX
Dual-On an English Street
dismantled-demo variation
DJ Scott Brown vs. Dj Neophyte-Hardcore - the second coming - cd1
Dire Straits-Alchemy - Live Part One
David Gilmour-Sing Me Kate CD1
Dawn Of Dreams-Darklight Awekening
Daniel Desnoyers-Tandem
Dream Theater-A Kick into a Dream (Disc 1)
David Gray-Live @ Point Depot, Dublin 12-22-99 (disc 1)
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay-Plight & Premonition
Dynamix-When Speed Doesnt Matter
Darkane-Rusted Angel
Dragibus-extra musica
Diverse-3. Oktober 90 in Pop & Classic
Driv.in.by-Touring The Downfall
Deicide-Once Upon the Cross
Die Schlmpfe-Alles Banane Vol. 3
Dujmic, Hansi-Aufrecht
Doors-Absolutely Live
DeviseR-thy blackest love *the early years*
Dog Detachment-Best Kept Secret
Diane Young-Catharsis
Diplomats-Volume 3
Dean Martin and Tony Bennett II-Dean and Tony II - Legends 009
David Lazzar-Shtark
Deep Purple-04-23-Ultimate Danish Yodel, Vejlby Hallen, Arhus, Denmark CD1
Destinys Child-The Writings On The Wall
Deadboy And The Elephantmen-Deadboy And The Elephantmen
Dinosaur Jr-Whatevers Cool With Me
Diverse-Starorchester spielen Welthits
Dark Tranquillity-Of Chaos And Eternal Night + Enter Suicidal
Dave Edmunds-Best of
Denander, Tommy-Less is more & Skeleton
Drownig-Apocalypse Unsealed