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Guided By Voices-Live June 27, 1997 - Austin, TX (CD1 - Main Set)
Green Velvet-The Nineties (1993 A.D. through 1999 A.D.)
Guns N Roses-Greatest Hits
Grateful Dead-View From The Vault IV, CD 4
Genesis-Revelatory 80:78
Guns N Roses-Make My Day
Green Sky Grey-The Fading Light
Grateful Dead-Rockin The Rhein with The Grateful Dead (disk 3)
Green Day-International Superhits (Bonus Edition)
Gong-25th Birthday Party
Goombay Dance Band-Sun of Jamaica
GNR-Rock In Rio Douro
Green Day-Best of Green Day
GAMA BOMB-Survival Of The Fastest
Gemischte-Hey Joe
Gus Black-Uncivilized Love
Gary Numan-Dream Corrosion Disc 2
Gogh Van Go-Gogh Van Go
Graham Parker-The Real Macaw
Genesis-Legend Disc 1
Grateful Dead-91-09-24 - 3
George Harrison-Fort Worth Express - Disc 1
Guess Why-The Plan Of Escape
Golden Rock Ballads_Vol.1-Golden Rock Ballads_Vol.1
GBA - vol. 1-GBA - vol. 1
Genesis-1992-05-04 - We Cant Dance tour rehearsals - Blimp Hangar, Da
Guilherme Arantes-Amanh
GiMP-music for the rockin´ society
Gelo-Havin It My Way
Genesis-A Trick Of The Tail
Govt Mule-2003-12-30 Beacon Theater - Disc 3
Gordon Lightfoot-Old Dans Records
giovanni mazzzarino quartet-plays ballads
Guns N Roses-World Tour 1992
Grateful Dead-Closing Of The Winterland, July 2, 1971, CD 2
Gang Of Four-100 Flowers Bloom (Disc 1)
Guided By Voices-Suitcase Disk Four
Grateful Dead-1993-12-10 Los Angeles Sports Arena - Los Angel
GWAR-Germany Must Be Destroyed
Gong-The Peel Sessions (1971->74 Pre-Modernist Wireless On Radio)
Galactic Cowboys-Space In Your Face
Grateful Dead-Highgate, VT 6/15/95 - Disc 1
Grateful Dead-1979.12.03 Chicago, IL D1
Grupo de Alto Risco-Secreta
Guns N Roses-Nice Boys
Glenn Phillips-Walking Through Walls
George Bellas-Mind Over matter
Green On Red-Here Come The Snakes
Groovie Ghoulies-Summer Fun 2002
Gotterdammerung-A Body And Birthmark
Grebo-Grebo EP
Galaxie 500-This is our Music
GO TEAM!-This My No Heart... CDep
Girl Power-Love Makes A Woman
Gusgus-VS. T-World [+VIP SP]
Groundhogs-3744 James Road II
Grand Prix-Samurai
Gary Moore-Dirty Fingers
George Thorogood-Reelin & Rockin
Grinning Mob-Grinning Mob
Gibb Droll-Ten Days
GWINKO-Yesterday Today Forever
Grateful Dead-gd_77-11-02 - 2
Grateful Dead-72-11-19 - Hofeinz Pavillion - Houston, TX. Disc 3
Gong-25th Birthday Party, CD2
Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight-28 Doo-Wop Classics
Gilli Smyth-Mother
General Degree-Granny
Govt Mule-Penns Landing,Philly>>>5-29-2000
Guadalupe Pineda-Lo Mejor De
Guardian-Kingdom of Rock
Gomm-Break Machine
Galahad-In a Moment of Complete Madness
Grateful Dead-gd_76-06-15 - 1
Glim-Music For Field Recordings
Galija-Ni rat ni mir
Gen de Genio-3 2 1
Godspeed You Black Emperor-Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Gogol Bordello-East Infection
Grateful Dead-740224 Disc 2
G.D. Flickers-CHANGES
Grey Lady Down-Star-Crossed
Gang Awry-GangAwary EP
Gerald Peter-New System
Giorgio Gaber-Studio Collection 1/2
Gentle Giant-The Missing Piece + Giant For A Day
Grateful Dead-Anthem of the Sun
Garbage-Australasian Tour Bonus Disc (With Garbage)
Garbage-Australasian Tour Souvenir Bonus Disc
Grupo Trinidad-Una historia llamada trinidad
Gate-The Dew Line
Grateful Dead-85-04-07 - 1
grand voyage-Demo 2000
Guitar World-Spring CD Sampler
Garry Moore-Hit Collection 2000
Gelbes Haus-Ihr habt sie getötet
Grateful Dead-Ladies and Gentlemen