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Hootie & The Blowfish-I Will Wait
Harry Belafonte-Vorevergold
Hue and Cry-Bitter Suite
Headhunter-A Bizarre Gardening Accident
Howard Jones-The Prisoner
Horizontal Ladies Club-1995
Handel-Handel: Complete Wind Sonatas (disc 1)
Honchie-Deathfists of Rage
Hydra-Hydra! Special
HOAK-The Sunrise EP
Harry Belafonte-Greatest hits
Herbert Groenemeyer-Mensch
Hootie & The Blowfish-"Let Her Cry"
HELLOWEEN-Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
Hair & Skin Trading Company-Over Valence
Herbert Grönemeyer-Chaos (Single CD)
Hypnoteck-Pump Pump It Up (cd single)
Hell Brains-The Best of the American Food
Him-Razorblade Romance
Harlan The Jester-Sonic Boom Sensation
Hideaki Tokunaga-INTRO III
Hang on the Box-Di Di Di
Hot Water Music-Finding The Rhythms
Hampton and the Hampsters-Happy Times Ten
Hiding With Girls-Shortround (CDS)
Herbert Grönemeyer-Mensch
Hot Chocolate-Brother Louie
He Who Corrupts-Ten Steps To Success
Hazel O Connor-Hidden Heart
Hammerfall-Glory To The Brave (Promo)
H.A.D.-Primo De La Rocket Suit
Hawkwind-Warrior On The Edge Of Time
Heusserband-flüg dervo
House of Hoi Polloi-a million Chameleons
Hothouse Flower-This Is It (Your Soul) # 2
Hit za Hitem 2003-Hit za Hitem 2003 - Radio RMF FM
Hillsong Music Australia-Update #37
Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats-Hoo Doo Woman
Howard Jones-Revolution of the Heart
HEIMDALL-The Temple of Theil
Hugh Harris-Alice
Hawksley Workman-(last night we were) the delicious wolves
Hagfish-Caught Live
Hothouse Flowers-Isnt It Amazing CD1
Heather Nova-Oyster
Hell Is For Heroes-Night Vision [Single]
Harem Scarem-Bonustrack Collection (CD1)
Hostile Groove-Unleash the Massattack
Hanson-Wheres The Love
Heideroosjes-Damclub Hooligan
handsome sultan!-handsome sultan!
HIM-Wings Of A Butterfly (CDS2)
Hair Police-Constantly Terrified
Hybred-Crowding the Spectrum
Hubi Meisel-EmOcean
Happy Mondays-Loads
Hurricane #1-Only The Strongest Will Survive
Hundred Reasons-What You Get (CD 2)
Helvete-Better to Reign in Hell, Than to Serve in Heaven
Heinz-Schweine Evil
Hermans Hermits-Picture Disc
Hugo Van Goethem featuring Anja Ghielli, Sven Hermans, Hans Heym-Electro Acoustic Music
Heather Eatman-Real
Hic Et Nunc-Manitu
Harvey Mandel-Cristo Redentor
Heart-The Road Home
Hermans Hermits-Greatest Hits
Hootie & The Blowfish-I Will Wait (Single)
Hocico-Wrack and Ruin
Huddersfield Christian Fellowship-Great Salvation
Henry Kaiser-Outside Aloha Pleasure/Solo Electric Guitar 1979-1980
Hella-Church Gone Wild
Headsplosion-Promo CD
Halleluja Jesus-Lieder für den KiGo
Hugo Strasser & his Dance Orchestra-Hugo Strassers Dance Party
Henry Mancini (Readers Digest)-Masters of melody (2/3)
HIM-Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights (BL Version)
Hauptkampflinie-Tag der Freiheit
Hardsequencer-Power of Sound EP
Hue and Cry-Remote
Hue And Cry-Remote
Halford-Live Insurection Disk 2
Human League-Secrets
Hayseed Dixie-A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love
Henry Rollins and the Hard-ons-Let There Be Rock
Helloween-Ride The Sky - Live in Tilburg 28.03.87
Hootie & The Blowfish-Blue Mirage CD2
Hoelderlin-Live Traumstadt (disc 1)
Holsteiner Jungs-Flaschen & Fäuste
Hot Tuna-Double Dose (live)