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Hello-Castle Masters Collection
Herbie Mann-Billy Cobham
Habeas Corpus-N. N.
Hollies-The Hollies Greatest Hits
Huey Lewis and the News-Sports
Hugh Taylor-Its Up To You
Hands On-Mt. Funkmore
Headshop-Burn and Crash
Haemoth-Satanik Terrorism
Henrys Anger-Blacklining
Hallows Eve-Death And Insanity
Haggis-Karma Suits Ya
Holidays-By Special Request
Hash Palace-Grit And Bare It
Heaven 17-Pleasure One
His Name Is Alive-Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
Hampton The Hampster-The Hampster Dance Party
Hit Company-Volume 5 Hits 60-70
Human Nature-Here And Now (Best Of Human Nature)
Heroes del Silencio-Orbita 105.7
Hora Cero-DEMO
Howard Carpendale-Bilder meines Lebens 1
Hanson-Middle Of Nowhere
Harvey Mandel-Shangrenade
Haymakers, The-S/T
Helicon Blue-Helicon Blue
HITBREAKER 2/96 cd1-Hitbreaker 2/96 cd1
Hermosa Records Compilation-in the sam hell
Hughes & Kettner-Triamped
Hit-Collection-Vol. 11
Hallyday David-Master Serie
Hölderlin-Hölderlins Traum
Heart-Dreamboat Annie
Husker Du-Lyndales Burning
Hall & Oates-The Very Best Of
Hardin & York-Hardin & York with Charlie McCracken
Henry Fiats Open Sore-The Parallel Universe Of Henry Fiats Open Sore
Hope You Choke-Hope You Choke
Hugo Advanced Spanish-Advanced Spanish
Helgrindr-Cold Might Of Winter War
Hendrix, Jimi-Hendrix in the west
Hands-Twenty Five Winters
Hip Hop-Big Tour - Hip Hop
Haiducii-Dragostea Din Tei (Single CD)
Haywire-Bad Boys
Hanzel Und Gretyl-Transmissions From Uranus
Head East-Flat As A Pancake
HR3 clubtraxx vol 3 cd2-0138/6000
Homosapiens-the wheel
Hedningarna-Karelia visa
H.P. Zinker-Staying Loose "A Compilation"
human a.d.-1.0
Harmonium-Lheptade CD1
Highlander-The Quickening
Honeybus-She Flies Like A Bird
Hombres G-Todo esto es muy extraño
HighPower-Learning to Fly
Hurry Sundown-Can You Feel It
Helloween-Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Herman Düne-Mas Cambios
High Fidelity-Reference Cd No. 18
Hue And Cry-Seduced And Abandoned
Hatred-Demo 04
Hate Thought-Children Without Smile
head on-inside
HIM-Greatest Lovesongs-Vol.666
Harry Nilsson-The Point!
Hunter, Michael-FRC 006 - River
Hilary Duff-Most Wanted
HearItFirst.com New Music Sampler-103678_HearItFirst.com New Music Sam
HARTHOUSE in case of...-Oliver Bondzio
Hammill, Peter-Enter K
HearItFirst.com New Music Sampler-HearItFirst.com New Music Sampler
Human League-Human League Greatest Hits
Helloween-Forever And One (Neverland)
Hall & Oates-The Very Best Of
Hamasaki Ayumi-poker face
Homem de Bem-Soneto
Holly tree-Running out of sense
Hammerfall-Legacy of Kings [Limited Edition]
Harsh Reality-Heaven And Hell
Horkyze Slize-Ritero Xaperle Bax
Hourglass Lake-Calliope
HIM-Razorblade Romance + Bonus CD
Harry-Mir kann keiner was!
Hot Dance-The 80s double collection English No. 1 Hit, CD1
Harrison, Tamee-Going to Paris
HeavensDust-Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God
Helta Skelta-One Step Closer To The Edge Of Time
Heinrich beats the Drum-Heinrich beats the Drum
Half Way Home-Half Way Home (Live)
Henri Salvador-Rigolo
H-BlockX-Taste The Flavour (live)
Hank T Morris-Live At
Haw EP-Sixteen Horsepower
Hidria Spacefolk-Live at Stella Star Club, Helsinki 2003