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HGH-Trash Grass and Love Songs
High Wheel-Remember the Colours
Hood-Compilations 1995-2002
Hawkwind-1975-01-18 Liverpool Stadium 2
How it Ends-So Shall it be
Hard Bargain-Hard Bargain
Hakim-Sin frontera
Habeas Corpus-Armamente
Heroic Villain-The Dolrums
Hellafied Funk Crew-Untitled
Hoobastank-The Reason
Humble Pie-King Biscuit flower presents - in Concert
Hugh Cornwell-hi fi
Hildur Vala-Hildur Vala
Hawkwind-Future Reconstructions
Headman-The Philadelphia Experiment - Millennium Records
Haynes & Friends, Warren-Ashville, NC 12/21/2002
Huey Lewis and the News-Super Selections
Hits Total Vol. 2-CD 1
Henryk Mikolaj Górecki-Symphonie Nr. 3
Honcho-Burning in water, drowning in fire
Holywood Beach Brian-Thanks For Sticking Around
Herman van Veen-Ich hab ein zärtliches Gefühl
Háras-Háras "Ogien" demo 2003
Hands Of Fate-Forces Of Madness
Humpers, The --The Dionysus Years
Heartbeats-The Heartbeats In The Twilight Zone
Hradistan & Ag Flek-Vlasta Redl & Jiri Pavlica
Heartless Crew-HLC presents Crisp Biscuit Vol:1 (CD2)
Hillsong-Colour Compilation
HARDENBERG-SAMPLER VOL.3-Der Terror geht weiter 1
Heave-Self Destruction
Heavenly Bride-Wonder
halo effect-waves
Heroes & Villains-EP
H-BlockX vs. Dr. Ring-Ding-Ring Of Fire
Hexx-No Escape/Under the Spell
Hive-The Raw Uncut EP
Helloween-Future Word
Half-Handed Cloud-Halos & Lassos
Homo Iratus-Knowledge... Their Enemy
Heather Nova-South
Höhner-Die Karawane Zieht weiter
Harem Scarem-If There Was A Time
Hampdens-So Young it Hurts
Hannah Jones-I Am What I Am
Hawkwind-Studio 22, Australia
Harshana Disanayake-Iren Handhen
HEROES DEL SILENCIO-El espiritu del vino
Help Yourself-Help Yourself/Beware The Shadow
Happy The Man-Retrospective
Hit Singles 2000 DYEAR= DGENRE= TTITLE0=Tom Jones-Sex Bomb
Heart-These Dreams - Hearts Greatest Hits
Hellhammer-{1984} Apocalyptic Raids
Hellhammer-Apocalyptic Raids
High Viscosity-Pussy-Terminator
Hippriests-Dont Know Shit
Huge-MMII october november
Hellstomper-Hillbilly Motherfucker
HDNX-monster licks & giant dicks
Hugh Cornwell-Wired
Heretix-Continuous Soft Hits on the Head
Helen Watson-Blue Slipper
House Of Not-Sexus
Heavens Gate-In Control
Harem Scarem-Live At The Siren
Holy Ghost Revival-Bleeding Light (The Peacock)
Hazey Janes, The-Hotel Radio
Herbert Groenemeyer-whats all this
HOR-Slo n Sleazy
Hope-Tree Frog
Huojuva Talo-Välillä Taivaan Ja Maan
Hecklers Veto-Smile Empty Soul
Henning Kvitnes Little Eden-Solitude road
HippyMuzikGroup-Love Another Woman
House of House-No 1 (CD2)
HELLOWEEN-Treasure Chest (Disc1)
Hard - Ons-Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts
Herbert Grönemeyer-Mensch
Harem Scarem-Mood Swings
Heroes del Silencio-Canciones 84 - 96 (CD 1)
Harry Nilsson-The Point! (BMG Heritage Edition)
Harpers March-Harpers March
HAL FROM APOLLO 69-hal from heaven
Haddock in the Wied-Flashbeat
Hammerfall-Live at Hultsfred
Happy Rhodes-Rhodes I
Helloween-Treasure Chest (Disc 1)
Holy Cow-live @ the Met Cafe, 09.24.99
Hui Ohana-Aloha Pumehana