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Hammill, Peter-Sitting Targets
House Of Pain-House Of Pain
Hurricane-Im On To You
Huey Lewis and The News-Sports
Hidria Spacefolk-Live at Semifinaali, Helsinki 2004
Holmgang-Runens advarsel
Hand of Sand-Hand of Sand
Hammill, Peter-Over
Hubert Kah-Welcome Machine Gun
Handsome Hank and his LONESOME BOYS-Greatest Hits
Hurricane Lamps-Coal
Horizons End-Sculpture On Ice
Hit Parade- Fun Time 50s and 60s -Time Lifes-Hit Parade- Fun Time 50s and 60s
Hapa-Surf Madness
House of Pain-On Point (CD Single)
Hands Of Fate-Tworz Norz
Harem Scarem-Harem Scarem
Headswim-Despite Yourself (Promo)
Hope Collective-Give And Let Live
Hope of Glory-...as I fade away...
Hopkins, Rich-Devolver (Disc 2 - Bonus: Bailey In The Sky)
Hawkwind-Hall Of The Mountain Grill
Hetman-Do Ciebie Gnam
Hot Rod "T" and his Rock-A-Hulas-Rocket Fuel
Homebrew-Monarchy In The UK
Hookah Brown-January 23, 2003 - Disc 2
Hank Mizell-Jungle Rock
Hobo Blues Band-Vadászat (CD2)
HiFive-Shes Playing Hard To Get
HALO-Eclipsed +3 LFO Remixes
Happy Mondays-Judge Fudge
Helloween-2003-11-22-Paris Bercy-Paris, France
Heidi Stern (Jennifer Rush)-Heidi
Hawkwind-Area S4
Hurricane #1-Only The Strongest Will Survive Remixes
Helloween-Just A Little Sign [Maxi CD]
Helloween-Just a Little Sign -single
Heidi-The First Ten Songs
HFL (Hard Fast & Loud)-Fix
Hedgehoppers Anonymus-Complete Collection
hiro:n-Dirty Shoes
Hollies-The Hollies
Heredeiros da crus-Criatura
Heart-Maxi Cd Single
Handsome Boy Modeling School-The Fall Collection for the Discerning Listener EP
Heart-Will You Be There (Maxi CD)
HIM-666 Ways To Love: Prologue
Human League-YMO versus THE HUMAN LEAGUE
Hindu Rodeo-Hindu Rodeo
Hanson-This Time Around
Hubris-The Autonamous Collective Of
Hege V-House of Tears
Heart-Nothin At All
Hammerfall-Crimson Thunder(import)
Hawkwind-Spirit Of The Age Solstice Remixes
Houba-...At von zacvrc!
Harmonium-Lheptade (Disk 2)
Human League-One Man In My Heart (CD Single)
Hot Hot Heat-Make Up The Breakdown
Hüsker Dü-Eight Miles High - Makes No Sense At All
HORSE The Band-R. Borlax
Hazell Dean-Searchin 97
Hollies-The Best Of The Hollies - Volume 2
Hundred Reasons-If I Could
Human Drama-Fourteen Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four Days Later
Henrik Andersen-Hotelroom Recordings
Hades-Tu Condena
Herbert Grönemeyer-4630 Bochum
harumi tsuyuzaki-Need You Badly
HELLO-Keeps Us Off The Streets
Hajrá Magyarok!-Hajrá Magyarország!
HammerFall-01 Glory To The Brave
Harakiri-Twilight Of The Idols
Human Nature-Dont Come Back
Hard Feelings-Rebels Against the Future
Horkyze Slize-kyze sliz
Heavy Load-Full speed at high level
Hyperactive feat. Ivan Rebriff-Tanz Brüderchen
Herbert Grönemeyer-Letzte Version
Hard Candy-Junior
Heldon-Stand By
Hunters & Collectors DYEAR=1982 DGENRE=Rock TTITLE0=Talking To A-White Label -- Made in Australia d19490 UPC: 399601 949025
High Society-Luxury
Hector Casanova-Casanova
Hansen Band-Keine Lieder über Liebe