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Local Heroes-One of our Shadows is missing
Les Garcons Bouchers-On a mal vieilli
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin 4½ (Disc 2)
Little Richard-The Specialty Sessions, disk 1
Led Zeppelin-Compilation
Life-Styles-Haunted By Old Ghosts
Led Zeppelin-Copenhagen 71 CD2
Luka Neuser-Luka Neuser
Lydia Lunch-The Uncensored & Oral Fixation
Livingston Taylor-The Best of Livingston Taylor
Lapinlahden Linnut-Grrr!
Le Beau Lac de Bâle-Basta
Luis Miguel-Vivo
Laura Nashman & Michael Moon-Above the Sound of Gravity
Luscious Jackson-Natural Ingredients
Lucy Pearl-Lucy Pearl
Love Cinema Vol VI-s/t
Linkin Park-Hybrid theory
Led Zeppelin-The Best
Lucky Blondo-Sixties Oldies
La Oreja de Van Gogh-Lo que te conte mientras te hacias la dormida
Lenny Kravitz-Unplugged
Lolo Micucci-Daños y prejuicios
Led Zeppelin-Remasters CD 2
Los Suaves-Un Paso Atras En El Tiempo 1992-2002 CD1
Los Piston-Los Piston
Linda Ronstadt-Lush Life
Los Abuelos de la Nada-1
Lyrics Born-Same !@#$ Different Day
Leuterns Pantazns-Yparxei Kaveis
Los Secretos-Continuará
Legion of Thor-Blood,Pride,Pain
Lighter Shade of Brown-Hip Hop Locos
Lisa Ono-Ono Lisa Best 1997-2001
Lee Soo Young-My Stay in Sendai
Lucas Miller-The Anaconda La Bamba
Larry Hrard-Where Life Begins
Laura Pausini-Lo Ultimo y Lo Mejor
Legions of the dark-Legions of the dark
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other
Laura Branigan-Discomania
Linkin Park-Reanimation
Lords Of Acid-Farstucker...Stript
Low-Songs for a Dead Pilot & The Christmas Album
Lucybell-Sesión futura
Lynyrd Skynyrd-One More From The Road
Lulu Santos-Descobridor dos 7 Mares
Lulu Santos-Mtv Ao Vivo
Launch-Launch #16
Lost Prophets-Start Something
Los Lobos-El Cancionero: Mas y Mas
Looking Jonny?-Life With Jim H
Loren Mazzacane Connors-Long Nights
Lucy Beegle-and another thing...
Lista Przebojow Programu 3-Lista Przebojow Programu 3 - 1996
Lazy Susan - Al Green-Never Better (2004) - Lets Stay Together
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Laith Al-Deen-Melomanie
Lyrics Born-Later That Day
Lou Reed & John Cale-Songs For Drella (Live 1989.12.06)
Led Zeppelin-Syonan Zep - Disc 1
Little Feat-May 5, 1976 - Boston, Massachusetts - Disc 3
Linkin Park-Reanimation
Luba-Over 60 Minutes with
Levellers-see nothing II
La Union-Al Este Del Eden Y Mas
Los Visitantes-En Caliente
Los Secretos-A Tu Lado - Homenaje A Enrique Urquijo
Light FM-This Is The Beginning Of My Golden Age
Los Planetas-Canciones para una Orquesta Química CD 1
Lloyd Jones-Love Gotcha
Led Zeppelin-The Best Of
Ludacris-Chicken & beer
Luis Eduardo Aute-Templo
Larry Heard-Where Life Begins
Los Prisioneros-Pateando Piedras
Loon Attic-Loon Attic
La Unión-Fluye
Los Reconoces-Se me secan los mares
Lyrics Born-Later That Day...
Lano Places-Everyone Likes To Be Lonely
Live-Birds Of Pray
Loikkarit-Kolmen vuoden kevät
Lionel Richie-The Very Best Of
Lenny Kravitz-The Best Of
Laughing Clowns-Cruel, But Fair - The Complete Clowns Recordi
La Nueva Luna-La Fuerza Joven
Lenny Kravitz-Greatest Hits
Love American Style-Undo
Los Rufianes-Los Rufianes
Loved Ones, The-Keep Your Heart