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The Who-Amsterdam 1969
Tricky-Blow Back
The Smithereens-Blown To Smithereens/Best Of The Smithereens
Teutobike-Besser wie verschimmelter Käse
The Rolling Stones-Deuces Still Wild (Disk1)
The Outfield-Any Time Now
The Greatest Praise Songs of The Church-Disk 3
The Fascist Fair Go Party-Mungo! The Musical
Teenage Kicks-First Cd
The 66 Electric-I Died In A Movie E.P.
TEAM-Mám na teba chut
The Prodigy-The Best
Tom-Toms Thinking Mix 5.19.2004
The Tigers-Single Collection (Disc 2)
The Doors-Live at the Aquarius Theatre (the Second Performance) disc 2
The Pixies-Surfer Rosa + Come On Pilgrim
Type O Negative-Wolf Moon
The Rolling Stones-The Rolling Stones (LIVE)
The Dears-No Cities Left
The Gathering-Black Light District [EP]
The Automata-Through the Bandage Seeps a Whisper
The Boo Radleys-Find The Way Out - Disc 2
The Lennerockers-Early Days - Vol. 1
the Indigo-Indigo suite Best Indigo Music
Tiamat-The Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel
The Bloodhound Gang-The Ballad Of Chasey Lain
The Who-The Ultimate Collection ( CD-2 )
Those TwentyTwo Colt Suckers-Greatest Hits
The Rolling Stones-Rain Fall Down (6-track promo)
The Shirelles-The Best of The Shirelles
Toto-Past to Present 1977-1990
Ted Nugent-Early Hits 70s
The Go-Betweens-That Striped Sunlight Sound
Those 2 Girls-Wanna Make You Go... Uuh! [CD Single]
Twilight Ritual-Rituals
The Black Dog-Peel Session 13/01/95
The Sounders-Pais
The Muffs-The Muffs
Thou-Put us in tune
Tröckener Kecks-In de krochten van de geest
The Rolling Stones-Actin Strong CD2
The Gladstones-The Gladstones
The Flying Bobbz-EP
The Monkees-The Monkees - Missing Links Volume 1
The Beatles-After The Beatles
The Sisters of Mercy-Acoustics from the Behive
The Feelers-Communicate
The Gods Hate Kansas-For Snakes
Tom Jones-The Collection (CD 2)
Twista-The Day After (Chopped & Screwed By Paul Wall)
The Jabbers-Badass EP
The National-Cherry Tree
The Rolling Stones-Terrifying CD 1
The Rolling Stones-Ladies & Gentelmen
Trigon-Das UMO-Mandat
The Dynamic Subarashi-S/T
The Beakers-Four Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution
The Presidents Of the United States of America-II
The Hitmakers-Dansk Pigtråd, Vol. 2 - cd 1 Af 2
The Mirrors-Nothing At All But Stars
The Cruisers-Rumble Again
The Stick 56-Streets Of Gold
The Apples-... playing the 60s
The Rolling Stones-Giants Stadium Disc 1
The Misfits-Ghouls Night Out
Teddy Bears-Original Collection
The Comany Of Snakes-Burst The Bubble
The Beatles-The Beatles
The Allman Brothers Band-Gold [Disc Two]
The Married Monk-Rocky
The Cropps-Our Crew
Trip Shakespeare-Rare B-Sides and Live Tracks
The Spotnicks-Happy Guitar
Talking Heads-Talking Heads - Live USA
The Black Eyed Peas-Monkey Business
The Mudsharks-Dirty Blue Gene
The Bestles-Meet The Beatles
The Checkers-Make A Move
THE BAR KAYS-Money Talks
Tobias Bothe-A Lights Blue Sphere
The Lobes-Satisfy - Demo-CD
The Crimea-Tragedy Rocks
The Beatles-Candlestick Park SF 29.6.1966
The Subdudes-Poverty
The Catties-Potenziale Omicida
The Virgin-Whore Complex-Stay Away From My Mother
The Rivieras-California Sun
The Rising Tour 2002 : One Night disc2-Bruce Springsteen
Tecno Rumba-Las 26 Rumbas De mas Exito
The Jesus and Mary Chain-Psychocandy
The Royal Teens-Short Shorts And More Golden Classics
Tubes-1974-11-21 - The Record Plant,Sausalito, CA - KSAN FM
The Offspring-The Offspring
The Kinks-The Complete Singles Collection 1964-1970