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The Irving Klaws-The Pervasonic Sounds of The Irving Klaws
Transglobal Underground-Psychic Karaoke
the watzloves-rockin country gumbo
The Smithereens-God Save The Smithereens
The Platters-The Very Best of The Platters (Disk Two)
The Cure-Bloodflowers
The Sugar Creek Trio-Catwalk
The Archies-The Very Best Of The Archies
The Kelley Deal 6000-Boom! Boom! Boom!
The Laughing-Absolution
The Ventures-Play Guitar, Vol. 3/Play Guitar, Vol. 4: Play Electric Bass
The Acoustical South-The one who never sleeps
The Locust-Follow the Flock, Step in Shit
The Byrds-The Original Singles 1965-1967 Volume 1
The Rubinoos-Paleophonic
Timber Falls-The Furry Tale Of A Monkeyman
The Weavers-The Weavers at Carnegie Hall
Tori Amos-On Tour
The Crucified-The Crucified
Tony Santos-Alma Negra
The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Girls Go Wild
The Hicksville Bombers-Down in the Alabama Jailhouse
Tom Waits-1999-07-24 Teatro Comunale, Florence, Italy - Disc 1
The Tamperer Featuring Maya-Feel It (CD Single)
The Beach Boys-Brians Back (He Loves You)
Tyrones Power Wheel-Rising Sign
The Pretty Weapons-The Pretty Weapons
Todd Rundgren-Go Ahead Ignore Me - The Best Of Todd Rundgren CD1
The Breakup Society-James At 35
The Rolling Stones-Handsome Girls Disc 2
The Who-The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)
The Beatles-Ups & Adds Vol.5 (Disc 1)
The Everly Brothers-The Reunion Concert
The Black Crowes-The Return of Big Toe cd 2
The Pixies-Death To The Pixies
THE BEATLES-With the Beatles
Troy Shondell-The Trance
The Beatles-Something
The Gene Walk Group-Gene Walk Group
Tom Jones & Mousse T.-Sex Bomb
the Gathering-Souvenirs
The Lightning Seeds-The Life Of Riley (Single)
The Cranberries-Ridiculous Thoughts (French Import)
Todesstoss-Spiegel der Urängste
t.A.T.u.-200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane
The Beatles-1
The Rolling Stones-Bridges to Amsterdam - Bonus cd
Tasmin Archer-Sleeping Satellite
Tory Amos-CD 2 Titres
The Breeders-Saints EP
The Devils Hotrod-Lucky Bastards
The New Trust-We Are Fast Moving Motherfuckers
Timo Rautiainen & Tuomari Nurmio-Takorautaa
The Ataris-Boys Of Summer
The Happy Groover Ft DJ Jonathan-When I Snap My Fingers...
The Rolling Stones-Knebworth! -cd2
The Bruisers-Society´s Fools
T.Rex-Bolans Zip Gun Boogie
The Cure-Pure Cure Compilation
Ten-The Rainbow in the Rose CD2
The Cure-The 13th
The Rationals-The Rationals
The Champions-This song for you
The Rugburns-
Tom Petty-You Dont Know (How It Feels) Single
The Easybeats-Friday On My Mind
The Eagles-One Of These Eastern Nights Disc 2
The Cure-The 13th
The Smiths-The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
The Grifters-So Happy Together
The Beach Boys-Smile - Disc 2
The Warlocks-Phoenix
Terry Hall-I Saw The Light
Tröckener Kecks-Meer Niet! (cd1)
Technogod-Hemo glow ball
The Extraordinaires-Do you wanna jump?
The Rolling Stones-St. Louis (Disc 2)
The Standells-Dirty Water / Why Pick On Me ...
The Lionheart Brothers-White Angel Black Apple
The Undertones-Positive Touch
The Shortlist-Riffburglar Album
Tanis-Volumes of Spite
The Dukes Of Hillsborough/Altaira-Sometimes You Eat The Bar Sometimes The Bar Eats You
Throwin Fists-Keep The Change
Tom Cochrane-Songs of a Circling Spirit
Tom Cochrane-Songs Of A Circling Spirit
The Rolling Stones-Emotional Rescue/Tattoo You
The Martians-Dislocate My Hip
The Chemical Brothers-Dig Your Own Hole
The Jam-Beat Surrender
Trotsky Vengarán-Durmiendo afuera