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Terry R. Brooks and Strange-Rock The World
The Pretty Things-Freeway Madness
The Beatles-ONE
Taggy Tones-Rockin
The Quick Ones-Live at the NE Art Institute
The Smashing Pumpkins-Machina II - The Friends and Enemies
The Dentists-Powdered Lobster Fiasco
The Velvet Underground-Caught Between the Twisted Stars - Disc 1 - Exploding Plastic In
The Beatles-UK EP Collection Vol. 2
The Ukrainians-Respublika (Enhanced CD)
Thomas Schumacher-Perlen1-Mixed by Thomas Schumacher
Tom Ovans-Unreal City
The Chickens-Bring it on!
The Fort Knox 5-The New Gold Standard EP
The Azoic-Conflict single
Ted Herold-Ted Herold
The Smashing Pumpkins-The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina II - Friends an
The Rolling Stones-Love you live - Cd1
The Portuguese Sailors-The San Diegan Optical Compilation
The The-The One & The Other
The Auteurs-Now Im A Cowboy
The Jellyfish Kiss-lingo lounge
The Pastels-Illumination
Travis-Live @ Newcastle (05.03.2002) cd1
The White Stripes-Elephant/White Blood Cells
The Dead-2004 August 17, Raliegh, NC CD3
Tofu Love Frogs-Vegetable Attack
The House Of Usher-Zephyre
The Police-Rarities From A Box
Tiere Der Nacht-Hot Stuff
Terry Hall-Home
Thien Kim - Quoc Hung-Vi Sao Em Oi
Tiktak-Jotain muuta CD2
Teratism-Invocatum furae Diabolis
The Dead-Wave That Flag Summer Tour 2004-06-18 Red Rocks Disc 1
The Black Crowes-1996-10-05 Aragon Ballroom - Disc 1
The Highland Weedwhackers-The Highland Weedwhackers
The Wolfgang Press-Queer
The Falling Wallendas-The Falling Wallendas
The Band-Music From Big Pink
The Wolfgang Press-Queer
The Sewing Room-Sympathy for the dishevelled
The Whisperers-Imagination
The Beatles-One
Tommy Shaw-What If
The Work-Slow Crimes
The Lover Speaks-The Lover Speaks
The Four Tops-Live and In Concert
The Cowslingers-A Fistfull of Pesetas
The Rolling Stones-Strictly Stereo 1964-1969
The Dead-8/10/04 - Holmdel, NJ (Disc 3)
The Kentucky Bouys-7 Want It Hot
The Dead-Jones Beach, NY Disk 4 08-10-2003
Team-Volna zona
The Bells-Best of the Bells
The Clippers-Are Coming
The Damned-The Best of The Damned Live
Tomas Ledin-En popklassiker
Tant Strul-1980 - 1985
Triantafillos-Min argeis
The Beach Boys-Surfin Safari -- Live
The Libertines-The Libertines
Treblemakers-Flippin The Bird
The Cranes-loved
The Best of Instrumental Music-The Best of Instrumental Music
The Supremes-At The Copa
The Rolling Stones-Dartford Renegades - Old Masters Volume I
Tuff-The History Of Tuff
The Beatles-The Peter Sellers Tape
The Beetle Crushers-Introducing The Beetle Crushers
The house of Love-Best of
Thick Pigeon-Too Crazy Cowboys
The Staple singers-Uncloudy day
Tinkers Punishment-If This Cant Last Forever
The Offspring-Ixnay on the Hombre
The Gods Hate Kansas-For Snakes
The Electric Light Orchestra-The Very best of ...
Twisted in Ruins-Invitation To Devastation
Toad The Wet Sprocket-All I Want - CD Single
Tocotronic-Sie wollen uns erzählen
The Simpletons-Popcore
The Killjoys-Beauty And Danger
The Cure-Early Symptoms - The Demos
The Everly Brothers-The Price Of Fame - Disc 5
The Temptations-All Time Greatest Hits
The Oktober People-The Oktober People
The Nucklhedz-We are the Nucklhedz and you are not
The Move-Looking Back ... The Best Of
The Posies-In Case You Didnt Feel Like Plugging In
Texas-White on blonde
The Zoombies-Zombies
The Bella Low-Inside Closed Eyes
The Fall-The Light User Syndrome
The Dead 60s-The Dead 60s
The Bob Color-Boilin up da buzz!