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U2-Staring At The Sun
U2-The Unforgettable Fire Mini LP
U2-Stuck In A Moment You Cant Get Out Of (Single)
Urban Outfitters-Number 6
U2-Mysterious Ways
U2-The Unforgettable Fire
Ufo-"Birmingham Tapes" - Disc 1
Ugly Kid Joe-As Ugly As They Wanna Be
UFO-Regenerator LIVE 1982
U2-FOUR AT FOUR (disc 1)
Ultimate Spinach-Behold & See
Uriah Heep-Leipzig 07-12-04 Disc 1
Uriah Heep-Compilation (Collection)
U.K. Subs-Diminished Responsibility
U-Ziq-Bluff Limbo (disc 1)
ulan bator-polaire
underoath-chasing safety
Underoath-Theyre Only Chasing Safety
Unknown Artist-Unknown Album
Under Milkwood-Under Milkwood
Underoath-Theyre Only Chasing Safety
UNC Marching Tarheels-The Pride of the ACC
Ungelenk-Alles Gute
Utopia-Live In Tokyo 79 - Disc 2
U2-Elevation 2001 - Live From Boston - Disc One
Underworld-Remix Album
United Blood - Road To Victory-Road To Victory
Uncreations Dawn-Deathmarch Over Gods Kingdom
Uriah Heap-A Time Of Revelation - Disc 1
U2-All Because of U2 - The Best of Vertigo Tour - First Leg -
U2-The Best Of 1990-2000 (CD2)
Unwritten Law-Live In Australia
Uriah Heep-Gold From The Byron Era (Disc 2)
Uriah Heep-Live
Uriah Heep-Uriah Heep - Live Sides 1,2
uresei yatsura-everybody loves
U2-Pop Mart Tour - Disc 2of2 (Santiago, Chile 1998-02-11)
U2-Rocks Hottest Ticket - CD 2
Unreleased Tapes-John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
U2-East Rutherford 210601
Ultimix-Number 48
U2-Joshua Tree Ft. Worth (CD1)
Ugly House-Club 2003
Udo Lindenberg&Das Panic-Orchester-Ball Pompoes
UFO Jim-Dancing WIth Aliens
Undercroft-Twisted Souls
Umphreys McGee-12-31-05, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago (Disc 2)
U2-More Melon
Unknown-Audiophile Cha Cha & Bossa Nova
Uriah Heep-The Best of
ufo-Heaven´s Gate
Udo Lindenberg-Sister King Kong
Union 13-East Los Presents...
Unowis-Vanishing Point
U2-Some B-Sides
U2-Live USA
U2-The Ritz, New York 1982-03-17
UFO-Essential UFO
UFO-Essential UFO
Usher-8701 Bonus Disc
U2-New Horizon
U2-POP TOUR 97 - CD2
Uncommonmenfrommars-Live on earth
Umphreys McGee-2002-07-27 - Skyline Stage, Navy Pier - Chica
U2-The best of 1980-1990
Unknown Prophets-World Premier
UFO-Masters of Rock
U2-The Best Of 1990-2000
U2-Faraway so close - CD 1
U2-Two Hearts Beat As One - Out Of The Studio 1983
Udo Jürgens-Portrait eines Stars (Disc 2)
Unplugged - 1997 + Bonus-Bryan Adams
U2-[etree] Live at Wembley Stadium
Under Stress Again-Stories From Jerk Water Town
U2-Slane DVD
Umphreys Mcgee-2002-09-17, Durty Nellies, Palatine, Il (Disc 1)
UVR-Plastic World
U2-U2: The Best Of 1980 to 1990
Uriah Heep-The Collection
U2-The Best Of 1980-1990 (Disc 1)
Urban Thermo Dynamics-Manifest Destiny
Union Station-From US
U2-The Best of 1980-1990
Urban Cookie Collective-The Key, The Secret 2004 CD Single
Unleash The Nugget-Chickens In The Closet
Uriah Heep-Power To The Rockers