jeromes dream - completed: 1997-2001 disc 1

Länge: 2205 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
Genre: Rock
weitere Info: Hardcore
this is for baby fat
what other adjective would you have me use for the word good?
do we write to write right?
true thinkers will stop time to think
whos the sniffer lifter?
rock song
his life is my denim paradise all day, every day
double who? double you!
a second grade art project
and just like that the year is gone
exit 29 collapsed as i drove by
the monologue of the century
life is what you make of it
the teacher says to his pupil
just down the hall from room 526
theyre always so quick to judge
its more like a message to you
a present for those who are present
its right where you said it would be
im reminded of a kid who used to stomp bugs
a well documented case of severe autism
my most recent left right brain argument
untitled number two