max Bygraves - tie a yellow ribbon

Länge: 4602 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1992
Genre: Misc
tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree (QS)
dancing in the dark (QS)
let the rest of the world go by (LW)
edelweiss (LW)
is this true what they say about dixie? (QS)
deep in the heart of texas (QS)
what now my love (RB)
how wonderful tl know (SF)
the old fashioned way (SF)
after youve gone (QS)
everybody loves my baby (QS)
i could have danced all night (QS)
tea for two (CC)
oh! you beautiful doll (CC)
whatll i do (LW)
the last waltz (LW)
you say something nice about everybody
who wants to be a millionaire?
i like beer
Harmonise medley
home town
the movies
stranger on the shore