various - Fiddle Sticks - Irish Traditional Music from Donegal

Länge: 3774 Sekunden
Erscheinungsjahr: 1991
Genre: Folk
weitere Info: Folk
The Boys of Malin - The Gravel Walks (reels)
Stirling Castle - Miss Ramsey (strathspey, reel)
Farrell OGara - Ciaran OReilly (reels)
Two Jigs
Gustys Frolicks (jig)
The Glen Road to Carrick (reel)
The King of the Pipers - Frainc APhoill (jigs)
The Jug of Punch - John Stewart (reels)
The Pinch of Snuff - The Wild Irishman (reels)
The Lord of Mayo (air)
The Mullingar Races - The Pigeon on the Gate (reels)
The Turnpike/The Shetland Fiddler - The Boys of Malin (reels)
Two Mazurkas
The Silver Spire - The Boys of Ballisadare (reels)
Tripping up the Stairs - The Gravel Walks (reels)
The Wedding Jig
The Fantastic Reel/McFarleys Reel - Miss Ramsey (reels)
The Jig of Slurs/The Irish Washerwoman - The Atholl Highlanders (jigs)
The Wise Maid/Macleods Reel - The Boys of Malin (reels)